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Recording DWP and pip

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has anybody who has an iPhone bought an app or attachment to record the DEP and PIP because I’m sick of the lying and being ignored please help especially if what you bought has helped you in your case thanks


  • Sam_Alumni
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    From the WCA guide

    Audio taping of assessments
    Audio Recording
    The DWP never requires that an assessment for advising on entitlement to state
    sickness or disability benefits be recorded.
    A claimant may request that their assessment is audio recorded. Requests for audio recording of assessment can only be agreed if stringent safeguards are in place to ensure that the recording is complete, accurate and the facility is available for simultaneous copies to be made available to both parties present. Dual CD recording machines are available to provide audio recordings where capacity allows. For requests made by claimants for their assessment to be audio recorded, the resource team at the BSC will be responsible for arranging for the audio recording equipment to be sent to the appropriate AC for the assessment
    A claimant may also make a request to record the assessment using their own
    equipment and this may be agreed in advance of their appointment date if a complete and identical copy of the recording can be provided to the HCP at the end of the assessment, and the recording is in CD or audio cassette format only.

    Mobile phones are not acceptable for this purpose. Videotaping of assessments or
    recordings that the HCP is not explicitly aware of are not allowed.
    Further information can be obtained from your local BSC or CHDA website.

    Unauthorised recording
    The DWP reserves the right to take appropriate action where a recording is used for unlawful purposes for example if it is altered, and publicised for malicious reasons. 
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    johnnyboy said:
    has anybody who has an iPhone bought an app or attachment to record the DEP and PIP because I’m sick of the lying and being ignored please help especially if what you bought has helped you in your case thanks
    If you get away with it there is still the problem of what you can do with the recording - not a lot unless you would enjoy listening to it before drifting off to sleep at night.
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    Yes there is I can at least prove to their superiors that I’ve been lied to. I taped my wife’s assessment they still lied but the tapes proved it and we got full entitlement on both components because we had proof. Taping a phone call will prove the same Ive done it before but I’m looking for an app for my phone that’s reliable
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    IF they catch recording an assessment without permission then you risk having your assessment stopped, your file returned to DWP and will likely be refused the benefit. My advice is to get permission and record it properly using the correct devices and hand a copy in at the end of the assessment.
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    I don’t I’ve explained correctly will never tape assessment illegally without informing all parties I want to record all phone calls because they tell me one thing and mean another. An example I called Disability Assessment to complain was on phone for 24 mins it’s on my phone records and I was told my sons claim had been closed I told them that I want to speak to a supervisor they told me a supervisor will call me by the end of the following week they didn’t. When I called back they said they had no record of yet call and they could put a trace out to locate it...., what the hell. I’ve had enough since then been lied to 3 times by DWP and Jobcentre plus DA why i don’t know they are either heartless, evil or liars take your pick phew got that of my chest hope you are well thanks for taking time to reply much appreciated take care


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