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Pip assessment intimidating

ello Member Posts: 20 Listener
edited September 2018 in PIP, DLA, and AA
Morning All
Well I attended my pip assessment on sat 15 sept,
i went with my son and I was 35 min early! I got there sooner than I thought glad because as I dont know what the layout is and unsure how long it would take me to get inside!
When inside I needed to sit so my son booked me in no problem there,
The reception was empty only us there!
the room layout was not very accommodating for disabled people anyway after sitting for approx10/15 mins my back was starting to ache so my son asked the receptionist if there was any chance I could be seen a bit sooner! She went over to a room with an open door in waiting area to see? I don’t know who came saying wouldn’t be long they have 6 nurses on so I said okay thanks,
then approx 9.55 two women come in for their appointment and called in approx 10.04 
so my son asked receptionist what was happening we were here before them?
she went back into the open room came back said they ready in a moment, Well suddenly this man came to the door in a very confrontational manner leaned against the door frame and said so I’m 5min late what’s your problem, to my son he said  ive been listening to you talking I dont like your attitude so of course my son said the same thing back to him,
he responded with I can cancel this assessment no skin of my nose in fact I don’t want you in on this assessment? I felt really anxious at this stage I cant deal with conflict I had an abusive marriage for 13 years,
Anyway my son did come in with me no way he’d let me go alone after that, 
the interviewer was not pleased when I told him I was recording this assessment said he’d not be informed about that and thought they didn’t do it in this building!! So I told him I had called customer service on the 5 sep and that I had a recording of that call on my phone I had brought my own equipment as advised to do!
He left the room then came back started asking questions so the first bit of my assessment is not recorded nor did he give me the concent form at the beginning, but his whole demeanour changed. 
Apart from all the questions he asked the one I dont understand is that when I had accident at work hurting my back in 1993 why didn’t I go back to work or did I just choose not to?
answer I was made redundant after 30 years service and already had arthritis as well as back trouble? 
Whats this question for I am 68 now on basic state pension unless there is now a new job seekers dept for the retirees?
either way I couldn’t relax and talk properly I felt to anxious was only in there for 25 mins approx 
think I know my outcome FAILED 
i told him I was on DLA now so he said OH do you have a blue badge?


  • Sam_Alumni
    Sam_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 7,676 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @ello
    Im sorry to hear you had such a bad experience, there is information on the turn to us website about how you can make a complaint about a PIP assessment, they say:

    You can complain about poor service or delays.
    You may want to complain if:
    • The people dealing with your claim were rude or unhelpful
    • You should have had an assessment at home
    • It is taking too long to get a decision
    • It is taking too long to get a payment
    • There is something wrong in the medical report
    If you complain, you may be able to get:
    • An apology
    • An explanation for what went wrong
    • Things done differently in future
    • A decision made more quickly
    • Some compensation
    Start your complaint 
    Start your complaint by contacting the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). 
    The best way to start a complaint is to write to the DWP. You can use the address at the top of any letter you have about your Personal Independence Payment.
    You can also start a complaint by phoning the DWP. Remember to keep a record of when you call, who you speak to and the reference number for your complaint.
    • Telephone: 0345 850 3322
    • Textphone: 0345 601 6677 
    You will need to tell the DWP (in your letter or phone call):
    • Your National Insurance number
    • Your full name, address and contact numbers
    • What happened, when it happened and how it affected you
    • What you want to happen to put things right
    Initial response
    The DWP will phone you to discuss your complaint. If they can’t get through, they will send you a letter.
    Senior online community officer
  • ello
    ello Member Posts: 20 Listener
    Thank you Sam 
    i thought I would wait for dwp decision first or should I complain now!
    my son is furious and said how very unprofessional he was as I cant take conflict it really stresses me he wanted to complain on the same afternoon,
    but I don’t want to upset anything so not feeling very sure or acertive 
    son said if it goes wrong he is going to appeal it for me if I don't and complain 


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