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Hi, my name is Wallace!

Wallace Member Posts: 6 Listener
Hi to everyone.  I am a bit lost and could really do with some sound advice and support.  I am a young 62 year old girl with good humour and a very positive outlook, but I have hit a brick wall with information and signposting.  i am trying to stay independent and strong, despite  falling into a pit of despair, I’m good.  I am quite isolated  and dont get to talk to many people except to say thank you as I leave the check out(lol).  It’s ok, I like being alone most of the time but there are times when we all neeed to socialise and I’ not too good at that.  
I actually put DWP Complaints in the search engine and this website came up as an option with real people. Not DWP people.  So here I am, nervous typing because I tend to babble when I get nervous,but hey ho. I’m here now maybe i will manage to sort things out and change my life and learn new things which is good and meet real people, yaaay thanks 



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