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Can anyone help with Ill Health Retirement - I need urgent legal advice

Andreasuperstar Member Posts: 13 Connected
Hello all, I have satisifed the eligibility criteria for ill health retirement from my ex exployer, but they say despite that, there is no money in the pot, that they are prioritising current employees and that to pay me would be to the detriment of someone else!!!  You pay your pension for many years trusting it will be there when/if you need it...I need it and and it's not being released to me.  What can I do, can anyone recommend any legal help in the Cheshire/North West area?  I have tried the government pension helpline but they just said they cannot legally advise me, I've contacted a solicitor who said this was a case for a a financial advisor, contacted them who said I need a solicitor.  Aaaarrrggghhh.  I feel so helpless.  I have made an appt with CAB but not sure they can provide me with specific legal advice.  Appreciate any help....thank you.


  • atlas46
    atlas46 Member Posts: 826 Pioneering
    Hi @Andreasuperstar

    Sorry to learn about the problems you are having with your Occy pension.

    However, I have a Knight in shining armour to assist you.

    The Pensions Advisory Service (TPAS) is the said Knight.

    They are served by volunteers, who have all have backgrounds in the pensions industry.  They are all top notch and will do their utmost for you.

    Call TPAS on tel: 0800 011 3787 for assistance.

    Your employer cannot define who can or can't get their pension, it is the Trustees of the scheme, that has to operate within the rules laid down.

    Let us know how you get on and keep us informed.
  • Andreasuperstar
    Andreasuperstar Member Posts: 13 Connected
    Hi there, the above Knight alas, said they cannot legally advise me and couldn't give me specific advice.  They said I must appeal  and suggested it was strange that I should be having to go through my ex-employer rather than the pension provider, but that does appear what I have to do. I feel like I am overpowered by the might of my employer.  They know I am vulnerable as an ex-employee without the help and support of a union.  
  • atlas46
    atlas46 Member Posts: 826 Pioneering
    Please call TPAS as they would not decline to assist, they are not part of government pension service and it is a free service.
  • mikehughescq
    mikehughescq Posts: 8,847 Connected
    I am intrigued by this idea that you’re an ex employee. If you’ve already left then the grounds upon which you left are the grounds. It sounds like they weren’t ill health at the time but you’re now trying to argue that they should have been in order to release pension monies ahead of pension age. I think even a solicitor on here would need a lot more information before being able to advise on this as I don’t think we’re being given the full facts.


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