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Hello everyone!

AustinS Member Posts: 2 Listener
I'm brand new to this community so I'd be pleased if you could "hold my hand" while I get used to it.

I do not myself have a disability. But I have a close relative who does, and I am here to ask questions and hopefully learn things so that I can try to help him with some of the difficulties he faces. He is an intelligent and able person - he has a job, and lives independently - and very much his own man. But he also has problems and I would very much like to do everything I can to help him face up to them and, I hope, overcome them. I am happy, and intend, to go into more detail later on, but I thought I would make a general introduction first. I look forward to hearing any general replies, and I hope that I can get into some more involved discussions in the fullness of time.



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