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So close to walking out of a job !

clairewales Member Posts: 10 Listener
Been at my job about six months after two years looking for employment and everyday is a struggle being a kitchen assistant in a home care as I’m deaf .
It badly run and I keep it wrong and got told off a few times but I always  needed  to be able to rely on someone to tell me what they are saying which do slow things down , yestaday the chef/boss called us and said we were terrible out there and need to focus and listen ! Now I’m a very quiet person and I certainly stuck up for my self yestaday which surprised me as it been building up ! So close to walking out but I don’t want to look bad ! All this time I’ve been looking for another job and it so hard find part time job and disablity job recruitment agency shaw trust for example can’t help unless you’re unemployed 😡 !!dreading going in today , I just want to leave !! 



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