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Pip mobility questions for mental health illness

I just want to say if you are claiming pip for mental health problems don't discount the two mobility questions.
At the second tribunal today after two and a half years of process and navigating this complex process without help my partner was awarded the enhanced rate of care which had been reduced to the lower rate and the higher mobility rate which she had the lower rate of previously.
It's rare to get that higher mobility component for mental health but only because I believe most people with mental health issues discount themselves and focus on the care component.
So don't give up, at worst its a boring waiting game and it's painful slow but it can be worth it as t9day proved for us.
The pip people made several untrue statements originally, such as claiming to have done an examination which they didn't do and even used answers from other questions in place of the specific answer given to a question but even though they did that the tribunal is your chance to set the record straight on those matters even if they should have been recorded correctly iñ the first place.
We needed one point for the higher rate of care, it was all through the assessor saying she could cook with prompting, in reality she can't cook at all because it's a liability for her and others. So all that time to clarify that point!
Give the tribunal some examples of why.
At the first tribunal we didn't state exactly which questions or facts we disagreed with so after compiling a stack of notes we they wouldn't let her say anything about cooking or much else.
You MUST tell the tribunal in advance what you want to talk about because those things are all you will be allowed to discuss.
We got their decision overturned because the upper tier judge said "they weren't inquisitive enough" That four word statement took a year and a half to turn into todays second tribunal!
6 months to get to the first 2 months for a mandatory reconsideration.
30 months in all she had even had her 2nd assessment of pip during this time.
Lastly one important fact, because that 2nd assessment was not yet processed the DWP person said ring the PIP people today otherwise that 2nd assessment could interfere with today'stribunal decision!
That 2nd assessment could actually cancel the tribunals decision, can you imagine that! So phone pip if your appeal is allowed when you get home especially if you have had your second assessment but had no decision on it.
By second assessment I mean your reassessment that you have to have every three years, it just happened to be our 2nd after the initial one it may be your third or whatever but due to the time scales of appealing and a decision being made regarding assessments they often overlap and your appeal may occur in the space of time that your waiting for a reassessment decision.
This came from an informal DWP chat after the tribunal and I was shocked that even though he wouldn't contest the decision the pip reassessment could actually overrule the tribunals decision. Never heard that could happen till today.
So if you reached the end of this post good luck don't give up and you will be able to read of this case which I believe is unusual on the pip
tribunal details and  results website. I hope that gives you more resolve.


  • Firefly123
    Firefly123 Member Posts: 525 Pioneering
    It's madness glad you finally won your tribunal 
  • debbiedo49
    debbiedo49 Member Posts: 2,904 Disability Gamechanger
    Thanks and well done. I went from zero to standard mobility for mental health which my Wro told me was very unusual in my case and to take it. After 10 months I decided to take it. It’s only a : year award backdated one year so I could go again at any time and this is very helpful. 
  • pound1234
    pound1234 Member Posts: 13 Listener
    Hi I’ve just bin award the hight rate on care and mobility for my mental healthy one of the questions was about get on public transport but cause I suffer with bad anxiety when it comes to this let me explain . SAY I NEED TO GET ON A BUS THERE IS NOWAY I CAN AS I FEEL TRAP BECAUSE I HAVE NO CONTROL WHEN I CAn GET OFF THAT BUS AND U FEEL TRAP AND THE SAME WITH ANYTHING ELSE I CAN GET iN A CAR CAUSE I CAN OPEN THE DOOR WHEN I WANT AS I EXPLAINED THIS TO THE ASSER IN HIS REPORT HE AWARD ME 12 POINTS  FOR MOBILTY JUST ON THIS QUESTION,I dint understand this question I just thought he was asking it to me to see how I get out and about .xx

  • tru88le
    tru88le Posts: 207 Courageous


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