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Hello every body do this recipe every Tuesday very tasty simple and not a lot to do.

All in one pan.  Uses Pork Shoulder Steak my favourite cut of Pork and needs to be left long and slow easy to do but needs no fuss and is adaptable.

You will need one large sauté pan to hold Pork

Serving spoons, blender or food processor.  Knife for cutting Onions.


Pork shoulder steaks two per person.
Onions use two for me slicer in Food processor easy to do.
Tin Chickpeas drained.
1 teaspoon Paprika, 
1 teaspoon Smoked Paprika
From a jar Chillies about half teaspoon or adjust I like a bit of chilli.
Passata, carton or half a jar plus Tomato Puree / Tomato Ketchup just 1teaspoon of each.
Touch of water if sauce too thick.
Pepper to taste.  I add no Salt Tomato Ketchup has salt if you want to add please do.

I always add Pepper not Salt.  Also add Lemon Juice if too hot.  I buy Lemon Juice in a bottle, lot easier.

Worcester dash of option


Add Pork steaks olive oil just seal and brown on a medium heat. In a sauté pan enough for the amount you wish to use.  Remove to a plate.

Food processor slicer onions .  Add to pan and let them colour add back Pork Steaks. On a medium to low setting.  Option here if to wish to add Worcester it does help another seasoning.

In food processor add blade for sauce or use blender.  Passata, spices and Tomato puree and Tomato Ketchup . Touch of water to make sauce less thick.

Add to pan with drained Chickpeas cover on a simmer for about an hour.  If sauce too thick thin out with water or use boiling kettle.  Steaks should pull away be melting.  

Taste season, add Lemon juice if too spicy.

No herbs but please do add Parsley or Coriander if you wish. Always done this with spices. Works out a budget one pot meal for myself.

Bueno Appetito 

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