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Hostile Environment

Ralph Member Posts: 40 Connected

Hostile Environment

Most of you would have heard of the phrase Hostile Environment. It was used by Teresa May to describe the home offices tougher policies on immigration. Resulting in go home vans being driven around certain areas and families being split apart. 

I think the Government is instilling the same atmosphere into other areas of life in Britain and using austerity as an excuse. 

If we look at health, waiting lists have grown, gp appointments may be weeks or months away, mental health treatment is terrible and generally the service has gotten poorer and poorer.

So there’s a hostile environment for patients. 

In Education schools are virtually bankrupt, head teachers doing care taker duties, some are considering four day weeks to save money. Higher education leaves students in shocking levels of debt that they may never pay off. So there’s a hostile environment for students. 

In welfare. The introduction of Universal Credit, unfair and unnecessary sanctions has resulted in 1.5 million food parcels being handed out last year. Children are going to school hungry and freezing at home in the winter. This is Dickensian.

So there’s a hostile environment for the poor. 

Now the disabled are in for some the Governments love. The introduction of shocking fitness to work tests and unfair pip tests have resulted in record levels of suicides from people not qualifying for benefits and being unable to work seeing no other option but to kill them selves. 

So there’s a hostile environment for the disabled. 

If you are a victim of crime you will be very lucky to get a police visit let alone an investigation due to limited resources. Very rarely do you see any police officers, except of course if there’s a visit from someone important or the politicians are out and about, then they magically appear.

So there’s a hostile environment for crime victims. 

These hostile environments were all created by the Conservative party, with a bit of help from the Lib Dem’s for some of the time. 

Of course the Conservative cohort of the rich, large corporations, who donate to them have not suffered under austerity, in fact they have done rather well with tax cuts and some not even bothering to pay tax at all. 

So what are we to do?

Demonstrations whilst venting anger as we have seen do not move them. They don’t care. 

They must be replaced. Looking at the alternatives:

Lib Dem’s? No they aided and abetted the Tories. 

The greens? Whilst I really like their policies they aren’t going to form a Government, although they could be in a coalition. 

We really just have Labour. Some stuff I really like, stopping UC, changing pip etc are excellent but they are always fighting amongst themselves, they are however our only choice. 

So to achieve a much less hostile environment we need to vote Labour, get others to do so and stop the apathy. Whilst I’m not a big fan of Labour they are only hope. 


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