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Worried about the national service coming back

Sholay09 Member Posts: 94 Courageous
Hello I am having this extremely horrible worry about the national service which is a compulsory military service coming back in the UK in which I don't really want to happen or to come back at all as it will just make this world even more worse like it will risk even more lives and it will cause a lot of people to feel even more suicidal and cause them to suffer from severe mental health issues and psychological disorders especially when we are trying to save lives and to make this world and this country more better and also we all have human rights. I just want people to stop saying or calling for the national service to be brought back as it is really really scaring me and frightening me now as I just want the future and the world to be more better like for all of us including young people to have more and more rights and freedom to do what they want to and to be able to make their own choices with their own bodies and lives. I really need help to make me feel more better and for people to tell me some good news.



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