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Can you get hight rate for depression and anxiety

pound1234 Community member Posts: 13 Listener
hello I suffer so bad with anxiety and depression I’ve try to take o;own life three time since April I am not in a great place I also suffer with a very bad back I’ve had three opration on m6 spine and I am on so many pain killers I have a home vist about two weeks ago I DID NOT ASK FOR AHOME VIST ) I am waiting for my letter but also I’ve put a big complaint in as I am a female I had a male asser he ask me loads of questions I said I stay in bed most of the day as I am in so much pain and i suffer so bad so I said I have bed sore on my bum the man asser ask me to show him them I said no I dint feel comfortable showing him he said if I dint show him my assment would not be able to get finish I felt so uncomfortable and ashame embarras I was crying my eyes out as I said I dint want to show him my anxiety was so bad I could barley speak cause I was so bad any one no anything about if this is right for himt9 ask me this I am still upset now about this 


  • pound1234
    pound1234 Community member Posts: 13 Listener
    I meant hight rate pip thank you x
  • RachelSB
    RachelSB Community member Posts: 34 Connected
    You can get higher rate PIP for anxiety or depression.  It’s easier on daily living than mobility though.  Quite often they favour input from psychiatrist and CPNs.  It’s harder to get if you only have contact with a GP and are not in secondary services.

    Regarding the assessment, you shouldn’t have to do anything you don’t want to.  You have the right to withdraw consent at any time.  A GP would be expected to provide a chaperone for such an intimate examination.  Did you have a witness present?  It is hard to prove any wrong doing if it is your word against his.
  • cokeen43
    cokeen43 Community member Posts: 23 Connected
    Omg they are not allowed to do that, a few simple tasks, and im pretty sure getting your bum out is not in there blue book, report this, was he a dwp assessor? Another case of they can do what they want , who believes what we say, so angry and appauled
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