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So much for independence!

Peeps_64Peeps_64 Member Posts: 2 Listener
I have just received the outcome of my claim for PIP and I have been awarded the lower rate of the carers part, but have been refused the mobility part. Well when on DLA I was awarded both at the higher rate. This is such a frightening outcome for me, and whats more what is the independence part of PIP supposed to be if not for transport. I now have to give the car back to motability which has taken away my independence this is really stupid. I am going to fight this but fear that because I am cognitive in the mind, can read and write and in other words have my sanity in their eyes I am capable of doing anything. I have osteoarthritis in all my body, I am diabetic, and I cannot walk more than 3 yards without getting out of breath and being in severe pain. I also have asthma among a lot of other problems. I am on morphine patches and several other medications to help me. Now the thing here is I am registered disabled, but according to the powers that be I can manage. I have carers who come in everyday to help me dress, shower etc, what part of that makes me an abled bodied person I ask you? I am so scared and worried about how I will managed now without the extra help. Does anybody else feel that the PIP is really unfair in its outcomes? Like I said what is the independence part for if not to give you the independence to live your life. Gosh I am sorry for the long message here, but I need guidance please. Thank you.


  • lindadeniselindadenise Member Posts: 302 Pioneering
    Its disgusting i had the same only low care no mobility lucky i did not have mobility part before my health has went down hill over a 18 months ago. According to the DWP and hcp provider my health hasnt got worse. I had a MR still no change, waited 22 weeks for appeal which is next week. Will keep everyone posted on how i get on. Good luck and try and fight.
  • Peeps_64Peeps_64 Member Posts: 2 Listener
    Lindadenise I was given DLA up to 2020, but not now as we have to go over to PIP. This government is so useless in every aspect of what they are doing.  I will fight this to the bitter end, it has set me back 2 years of my life as I do not want to carry on living now because they are taking away my only way of getting out and living independantly. Yes that's a bad thing to say but it's how I feel. My disability is severe and I am registered disabled also, so why put us through this again and again.
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