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Constant pain

max1 Community member Posts: 2 Listener
hi everyone
i know there are many like me and a lot worse but just looking for some advice

had chronic back pain for 15 years now with the odd spasm that knocked me off my feet for a week or 2. 

5 weeks ago my lower back suddenly started to spasm and this time struggled to walk. Went to an osteopath who said I had a bulging disc. Had 3 sessions and felt better. Still had sharp pains etc but better than I was

two days ago I felt I’ll like the flu had hit me then my right hand started to tremor then my whole upper body done the same all had pain bang in middle of my spine just under shoulder blades. Also had constipation that morning

went to a&e and they said it was likely to be a trapped nerve and gave me naproxen. Can tell you how I felt a fraud sitting there as I know there’s nothing they can do and I was adding to the queue of people waiting

tablets don’t seem to do anything apart from give me heartburn and constipation ?

ive tried walking but the pain in my spine is agony with a sharp pain  on the left side

dont want to pester the gp either as I know it will be painkillers and I’m already taking cocodamol 30/500 but not doing much good

as I said I know there are lots of people in more pain than me but any advice on anything to try and things to avoid? 

Anything wiuld be apreciated. 



  • rmriph
    rmriph Community member Posts: 4 Listener
    Hi Friend I have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis and trying the anti inflammatory route i.e turmeric,ginger ,garlic and cannibidial.Tried opioids but made me constipated making the problem worse.My advice is see your doctor and ask for a mri scan to find out what’s going on then referral to pain management.Good luck and I know what your going through stay with it.
  • alibabi67
    alibabi67 Community member Posts: 22 Connected
    sorry to hear you are in pain. You must remember though that pain is all relative. Just because you ‘only’ have back pain doesn’t mean you are not suffering and you shouldn’t feel bad about going to A and E if that’s what you need. I have degenerative osteoarthritis in my knee and I am always in agony. I can’t work and I use a stick to walk but I know some people who have the same and cope just fine, work and walk etc but that doesn’t mean that I should feel bad because I need more services than them. It’s incredibly hard living with constant pain. It wears you down, makes you irritable and makes every day things hard to do. Have you tried ketaprofen? It’s an anti inflammatory gel that in studies was found to work better than brufen gels. I agree with Bob, an MRI is probably what you need. Good Luck 
  • kitty69
    kitty69 Community member Posts: 9 Listener
    Hi all, please go and see your gp, thats what they are there for, it may not be your back or trapped nerves this time, could be something else, whatever it is you need help & support, im on loads of pain relief a day for spinal diseases and other things that go with the territory, pace yourself, dont try and do too much,  keep pulling your tummy muscles in as they help support your back, small gentle stretches incase its muscle pain, muscle pain is hurrendous and makes you feel thats its something more severe, try heat on it, i find getting in the fetal position helps too, hope this helps abit, stress and pain make you tense your muscles up so just drop & flop, let all your body just go and try and think of other nicer things ?
  • max1
    max1 Community member Posts: 2 Listener
    Hi everyone and many thanks for your replies.  I’ve made an appointment with my gp and also think that I wil ask my osteopath for a recommendation on an mri as the nhs waiting lists are long. 

    I am an self employed so will just have to bite the bullet and pay priveatly as I don’t work I don’t get paid
    many thanks
  • roypartington
    roypartington Community member Posts: 2 Listener

    Try the robin Mackenzie book.

    Read some of the reviews and make up your own mind.

    I suffered horrendously with nerve issue in my neck, saw specialists at the hospital osteo and neuro along with 8 different oseopaths/chiros/physios.

    The Mackenzie exercises worked wonders. I know yours is the back but his first book and set of exercises were for the back. You will recognise some of the exercises being used today in pilates and yoga along with numerous physio's.

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