Swimming pools Not allowed crutches for health and safety wont let me in

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I have vertebrae fused to my pelvis its extremely painful and swimming allows me to put my crutches down for a couple of days, but with this crazy wrap up in cotton wool world we have my local pools wont allow me to take my crutches to the pool area I accept they are doing there job but when something like swimming helps and I cant do it that is frustrating and annoying.im responsible for my actions but i say that to them if they gave me an arm to help .but no so were do I go from here.I so wish I had space for a juccuzzi it does same thing ,ive been on crutches for 12 years BEING on then has caused damage to my ligaments in my arms and joints and swimming relieves it we have a hydro pool in Northampton which my daughter uses for same thing were as ive been fighting the drs for 12years to no result no wonder disabled people get disheartened so many doors shutting in your face ,but one thing I dont do is give up unlike my scooter I have given up on that.ny dog has cancer my daughter is going to be homeless end of November and my sons home has been put up for sale by landlord again they have a young family and no extra cash for deposit for another property life just want the rollercoaster ride to stop.


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    Oh I'm so sorry to hear this @nannysquiggle, it sounds as though you and your family are going through a lot at the moment. Please do let us know if there's anything we can assist you with.

    The swimming issue must be really frustrating, especially as it seems to help you so much. Have you tried contacting other leisure centres in your area to see if they can be of any better support?

    We have a guest post related to a very similar issue going up next week that you may be interested in, and I'm sure your comments will be useful to one of the authors who I'll tag in here: @RichardJ!
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    Yes ive tried other pools in area all health and safety gone mad frustrating to say the least thankyou for your reply@pippa_scope
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    Oh no! I have a really deformed hip and have had to start using a crutch again, but i was hoping to do some swimming as this is the only exercise i can do without hurting my hip....didnt even think that i would not be able to take my crutch .....
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    This is not lawful.  Just as bad as saying they refuse racial a minority .  They have a legal obligation to "Adapt their provision of goods or services to ensure disabled people are not excluded".

    They could, and must, obtain a wheeled pool access chair, and retrain all staff to ensure you have "equal or better" service than the non disabled public.   Crutches with rubber ferrules are indeed a hazard on a wet tiled floor.  Leaning on a staff member could indeed be considered unsafe.  That is what pool chairs are for.   

    What is more, they should install a pool hoist to enable entry by transfer from the chair to the hoist, 'if any user or potential user of the service is prevented from using the service by lack of reasonable adaptation suited to their individual disability.' 

     N.B. Merely shrugging that "there is no surplus money" won't count as a get out of jail card to enable the discrimination law to be evaded.  As Sir Trevor Phillips (then chair of the equality human rights commission) said... "Disablism is in many ways, in it's effect on people's  lives, worse than racism"
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    My pool is brilliant and help those of us who need crutches or walking stick, try ringing them and explain your situation and they should offer to help you, ours has a hoist that lifts you in and out of the pool and always a staff member to assist getting back to changing room  hope you get some help x