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Degenerate disc deisce

deano5278deano5278 Member Posts: 38 Listener
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Hi there I'm sorry I'm not a big talker I'm really trying to see what help is out there I'm 32 years old and was a carpet fitter for 13 years until about nine months ago ago I got put on limited capabilities only , I am parsley deaf in both ears having to were hearing aids with are degenerate and yesterday I got my results back for my back I've been suffering with pain like made alover my back and shoulders my results have come back as follows c5-6 degenerate disc bulge with moderate foraminal stenosis and chronic looking involvement in existing c5 never .
Also t7-8 and t9-10 degenerate disc osteophyte but not spinal stenosis or never compression .
L3-l4 degenerate disc bugle but not nerves or Spinal stenosis. Thank dean 


  • deano5278deano5278 Member Posts: 38 Listener
    Also I've been referred to a shoulder specialist because my should are in cronic pain also and it's confirmed I've have arthritis alover my back and shoulders n neck I'm got any a point ment to see a rumotogist in December. Thanks again 
  • crackercracker Member Posts: 324 Pioneering
    Welcome, @deano5278!

    I have many of the same problems and know how painful they can be. You are young - can they do anything with surgery or medication to help you?

    Many others here share thie kind of chronic pain. Hope to hear more from you.
  • Richard_ScopeRichard_Scope Posts: 2,829

    Scope community team

    Hi @deano5278
    Good to meet you. I can't give specific medical advice as I'm not medically trained but we do have Pain Management discussions that might be useful for you.
    Specialist Information Officer - Cerebral Palsy

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  • deano5278deano5278 Member Posts: 38 Listener
    hi people at moment im on a couple of painreliefs on called amitriptyline and gabapentin actavis , also my naproxens but used those for years with my knee as it always swells up , my speciliest has offered me a pain relif injected straight in to my spine and really don't have a clue of any benefits im entiled to or any think this would be a massive help as I don't think ill be able to work for some time this pain I have had for 6 month now is emense as hell 
  • deano5278deano5278 Member Posts: 38 Listener
  • crackercracker Member Posts: 324 Pioneering
    I think your physician might be referring to an epidural, which can sometimes stop pain. You're not on much pain medication: the epidural might knock it all out.

    Are you thinking of trying it? A friend with severe sciatica had the epidural and was entirely free of pain.

    Let us know if you do try this and if it works. FIngers crossed for you.
  • deano5278deano5278 Member Posts: 38 Listener
    I only seen my doctor last week and specialist Tuesday for my diagnosis so my be why he not offered me any better pain relief but I'm gunner try again and yes I have asked to try the injection just waiting on a date coming through the post hopefully it helps but heard mix reviews on it every body different tho a ain't they I do smoke cannabis but that could be another reason he don't give me owt else 
  • samantha21samantha21 Member Posts: 64 Connected
    HI Deano 5278,  Sorry to hear about your chronic pain, the back pain sounds similar to my own , I have had degenerative changes in the discs with the disc bulges etc. In the beginning it started with sciatica on the left side with pain and spasms radiating all down the leg into the foot, I was on heavy medication as so painful I could hardly walk. You are still young so you may get some improvement I was in late forties and I have not had much improvement and also went on to have upper back pain and lower back pain. I must have had all the pain relief you can get medication wise plus physio, exercises in hydrotherapy pool also acupuncture. I have not had the lower back pain injection epidurally although a few people have had it and told me it was painful also with that one it is not a cure it is something that is supposed to give pain relief for about 4-6 months. In regard of the nerve compression in my back the consultant said there is no exceptionally bad nerve compression also he said he will not operate as the chances in many back operations are dangerous and it could easily end up with a patient permanently in a wheel chair. That all sounds depressing I know but keep up with any treatments and try your best to keep as mobile as possible or else the muscles stop working.
    take care good luck.
  • deano5278deano5278 Member Posts: 38 Listener
    im sure the doc said im having the injection in to my neck ? not back as its the worse pain, im having no other treamtment crappy pain relif my doc has not advised me on anythink what so ever do I don't really no what I have cept a few problems ranginf from my back shoulders n neck , all degenerate discs ive been a floor layer for 13 years its deffo not helped 
  • samantha21samantha21 Member Posts: 64 Connected
    Hi Deano 5278.

    I have not heard about neck injections, although if that's what the doctor said then he will be the expert. Are you getting strong pain relief? There is tramadol its strong and does not agree with everyone also naproxen is good and I have heard of pregabalin but I have not had that one. Co -codamol works well with a lot of people. Tell him how much pain you are in and you need some strong pain killers. I had acupuncture in shoulders and back you know they are the little needles they use in Chinese medicine I thought it would hurt but it was pain free it gave pain relief for about three months. The only downside was she also put some in my finger joints and I said the one in my thumb and finger hurt a bit, I only had them in that area twice and told her to leave them. After a few months I got numbness in that thumb and finger area and had to have a huge steroid injection into it , that was damn painful and now I have arthritis in that area. 

    You are right the fact you were a floor layer for thirteen years has certainly not helped and has probably caused the back pain. I was a health carer for the elderly and then worked in the hospital and was on my feet all day until one day when the sciatica happened and that was that the end of my work life. Oh well life goes on take care.
  • deano5278deano5278 Member Posts: 38 Listener
    Hey guys had my corsodon injection yesterday afternoon in to my c5-6  facet injection very uncomfortable I must say but never hurt lest hope in a few days I feel a little bit better I'm bit sore 
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