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Escuse_me ,i dont speak english  correctly.It's important  that  you  gave me  the right information  on how  to get a weelchair.Thank you   very much    for  your  help.


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    Hi @gabidoru,

    Our advisor @Jean_Scope has translated and answered your other post, which you can see here. Here's what she said:

    Thank you for giving some additional information about your situation. I am sorry to hear that  it seems the professionals involved in your care don't think that further rehabilitation/therapy is clinically appropriate.

    So in reference to your initial question about how to replace your broken wheelchair I can only reiterate what I said above. Assuming that you meet the criteria to be seen at the NHS Wheelchair Clinic your GP can refer you there.

    Alternatively you may need to buy a wheelchair privately, in which case you may find this information of
    With regards to your statement that you would like someone to guide you, presumably through the mass of things that people need to know when they have a newly acquired disability you might find this helpful:

    You can also contact the Scope Helpline: 0808 800 3333. 
    I'm not clear if you have a spinal injury but if so the Spinal Injuries Association might be of interest:

    And of course posting in this on-line community can be a really good way to network with others, although you will probably get more responses it you translate your posts into English.

    Best Wishes


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