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Hi, I've been poorly with mental ill health since 2001 , my job was working in the hairdressing trade , a skilled job. Now my question is I have " 0" savings and have a personal pension which I've just found out that if I'm not ever ( which is not ) going to be able to work my trade again I can cash it in .. I'm on ESA  income related and standard pip, my pens ION is less than 12k and I can draw it on health issues before I'm 55 in 3 years. The money after the 1st 25% tax free and thrn 20% on the total balance is below 11k.I live alone and get full housing/council tax benefit 
Does anyone know if I can go ahead and use this.much needed money to buy a car to make my life a lot better without it affecting my ESA etc ??



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