What benefits am I entitled to?
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I am a recovering heroin addict I am receiving ESA SDP and PIP I get my PIP paid the same week as my ESA so one week Im rich for 5 minutes (lol) I'm not very good with money budgeting I'm trying to get the hand of is there any way I can get my payments changed so I don't get it all at once


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    Hello @BextaLou and welcome to the community.

    I honestly don't know so would suggest talking to the DWP in the first place.

    Beyond that may I ask what sort of account your money is being paid into, ie bank, building society, credit union or something similar? It may be worth looking into what they and others offer.

    For example I have a credit union account and can create sub accounts with conditions. So in your circumstance I would arrange for any monthly bills which have to be paid to be done so by direct debit. Any spare cash I would then arrange to be split into sub accounts which would be released either weekly or fortnightly along with a regular amount into the savings account. The amount going into savings does not have to be a lot but should be regular.

    Downside to the credit union route is you normally have to pay a monthly fee, upside no or much lower fees if your money suddenly doesn't go in or you over spend, plus small loans are much cheaper - one reason why I suggest saving regularly.

    Credit Unions do vary a great deal in what they offer and it is not always easy to find the different ways they can help so would suggest talking to them.

    The real key to getting control of your money is putting together a budget and trying to keep to it. The more realistic your budget is the easier you will find to keep with it.

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