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Pip procedure

Lilstephy89 Member Posts: 3 Listener
Hey all, I just wanted to write on here after I have had my pip assessment and review the procedures. I used this site alot alot in my run up to applying and waiting throughout and I'll be honest and say I wish I hadn't (although there is a plethora of information). I guess I made the mistake most people do and research and research, expecting to find an answer to how it will go for them. Even after speaking with people I know, most had had to appeal before anything happened and I guess the stories online has me literally pooping myself before I even made it to the assessment. I also guess it's true that you hear more about the bad than the good, why would the good complain? I scared myself so much expecting the assessment to be full of lies about me, make me appeal after appeal after I'd already been through so much. I guess long story short my only problem with the process has been researching before hand. I went, scared as hell. The lady was so so so lovely. I found myself after wondering how any person could be like that to your face and then lie in a report... I then also wondered is it actually those people editing and lying on reports. I mean it's the dwp you complain and appeal to, at no point does it go back to the assessment or the company. Only the dwp have access to the full report and appeals...however one week after my assessment I received a payment to my bank which shows I got the higher amount for both. I have ptsd. No physical disability. I still have yet to get my letter but a week after assessment, less than a week after they recieved my report I had a backdate and an award. After all the stress and doubt. Obviously I don't want to go into the ins and outs of my disability, but I guess read with caution. It's awful these things have happened to some people and I wish them all the best in fighting it but it doesn't happen to everyone so don't hold it so negativly as I have, I could have saved myself weeks of more trauma. 


  • TonyMon
    TonyMon Member Posts: 17 Connected
    I found the process simple phoned up filled the paperwork in sent some evidence with it from my injury reports went to the assessment the guy was nice received payment and all backdated 
  • topshoes
    topshoes Member Posts: 442 Pioneering
    @Lilstephy89 you are just one of few lucky ones , with no problems from them , but good news for you.
  • Pippa_Alumni
    Pippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,793 Disability Gamechanger
    Thanks for sharing your experience with us @Lilstephy89, really glad to hear it went well.

    You're absolutely right: many people turn to online forums to seek solutions to problems, usually after a negative experience. However, it's great to see more and more people sharing their positive experiences like you've done here- I'm sure this will provide some comfort to others who are in the same position you were beforehand!
  • lizzieloz30
    lizzieloz30 Member Posts: 57 Courageous
    Hi @Lilstephy89 I'm pleased everything went well for you. Can I just ask, was this your first ever PIP assessment? I had my first one just over a week ago. I got a text the day after my assessment saying they had my assessors report, so now it's just the waiting game. 
  • Lilstephy89
    Lilstephy89 Member Posts: 3 Listener
    Hi @lizzieloz30 yes it was my first one. I didn't know pip was a thing until I had a trigger that's left me unable to work whilst I recover. I got my letter in post today, the letter was sent 26th October which meant they had my report three days before sending my decision! Hopefully yours is on its way! 
  • lizzieloz30
    lizzieloz30 Member Posts: 57 Courageous
    Hi @Lilstephy89 I'm very pleased yours was sorted very quickly, it sounds like you've had a tough time so at least this is a weight off your mind. I've gonna in for PiP on the grounds of Anxiety & Depression, which I've had for many years. I had to leave my job because of it in February of this year and have lost many previous jobs due to it in the past. I don't know how my assessment went in all honesty, she seemed really frosty, but I could just be being paranoid. I'm guessing it must be a good sign they got my assessors report quickly? I don't know. I will keep you posted on what happens. 

  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 31,332 Disability Gamechanger

    Sending the assessment report back to DWP quickly doesn't mean anything other than it was returned quickly. Some are returned within hours of the face to face assessment being done. Others not so quickly. Good luck and hopefully you're not waiting too long.
  • Lilstephy89
    Lilstephy89 Member Posts: 3 Listener
    @lizzieloz30 maybe ring up and ask, they will be used to that with anxiety and it can take over 10 days to receive your letter. I guess it may depend on the area you live in as to how long. I did read somewhere that after the change in standards etc for mental health these are sent back and replied to sooner. Maybe they realised how hurrendous the wait can be, for everyone I guess but anxiety doesn't help! I've been a mess for weeks waiting to hear and go to the assessment. I had fully prepared myself to have to go to tribunal given what is read and heard! Hopefully u hear soon, I wouldn't feel bad about calling and enquiring though. 


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