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So confused with BB parking!

feeney Member Posts: 9 Listener
In an on road disabled bay yesterday, it didn't say how long for... when I asked a local fellow holder, they said 3 hours, all bays are 3 hours. I needed all day so they went on to say the private car park next door was free of charge all day... i then went there but their sign said noting about charges for disabled bays... on return to car (after paying!) I asked someone parked next to me and they said presume it is always free unless it says otherwise, and that she had never been fined for no ticket.  I thought 3hour clock was just for double yellows, and private car parks should state rules clearly... Anyone out there that can clearly decipher rules please?


  • wilko
    wilko Member Posts: 2,447 Disability Gamechanger
    Most  car parks private or council ones will have a sign by or on the pay machine stating if Blue badge holder have to pay or if there are any time limits on your stay. A lot of city car parks now charge for blue badge holders but you are not guaranteed a disabled parking bay but you may still have to pay for parking even if you hold are a blue badge holder. Hope this helps you

  • Pippa_Alumni
    Pippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,798 Disability Gamechanger
    edited November 2018
    Hi @feeney, thanks for sharing this with us.

    It is a confusing one- different rules apply in different locations! There's some good in-depth guidance on this parking on the Blue Badge page, including the below:

    10.1 Yellow lines

    Badge holders may park on single or double yellow lines for up to 3 hours, but in general not where there are restrictions on loading or unloading – indicated by yellow kerb dashes and / or signs on plates. You may wish to check whether a particular local authority has chosen to exempt Blue Badge holders from this restriction.

    Where local schemes apply, such as those that apply in parts of central London, you should check the rules for that area. You are not entitled to park on yellow lines in off-street car parks.

    You must display the Blue Badge and the blue parking clock showing the quarter hour period during which you arrived. You must wait for at least one hour after a previous period of parking before you can park the same vehicle in the same road or part of a road on the same day.

    10.2 ‘On-street’ parking meters and pay-and-display machines

    Badge holders may park for free and for as long as they need to. You must display the Blue Badge.

    10.3 ‘On-street’ disabled parking bays - signs have a blue wheelchair symbol

    You may park for free. Unless signs say otherwise, you may park without time limit. You must display the Blue Badge (and the blue parking clock if the bay is time limited). Always try to use these bays instead of parking on yellow lines.

    11. Places you need to check before parking

    There are a number of restrictions and local parking schemes which you need to be aware of. Here is a list of those places and the parking restrictions in force. If in doubt, ask the relevant authority before you travel.

    11.1 Off-street car parks (such as supermarket, hospital or local authority car parks)

    Off-street car park operators should provide parking spaces for disabled people. However, it is up to the car park owner to decide whether badge holders can park free of charge.


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