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Turned down for PIPS

I received my letter confirming they would not be paying me pips. I rang them immediately and asked for a M R. I did it over the phone, dont know if I did the right thing there though. The assessor lied about things. She said I can plan a route and travel by myself. I dont drive, nor do I have a car. I told the woman this but she completely ignored this. She reckoned I can walk 200 metres without getting breathless, (based on what? a 2 minute walk from a taxi to the medical centre) I live down a long road and there are bus stops at each end but both are more than the 200 metres she claimed I could walk, so how does that work? Even if I cold walk that far, I stll have more walking to do whn I get offthe bus, and how do i manage my shopping?????  Total farce  I have heard in some instances you can still get DLA whilst you are waiting for the appeal results, is this true and how would I go about it. Irealy need this money for taxis etc, so its veri important to me. If I canr get out, I cant buy food, so what do they want me to do, sit and die???


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    It would have been much better if you had put your MR request in writing. You need to state what you disagree with and where you think you should have scored those points and why. Evidence will be needed to support your claim because they very rarely contact anyone for this. The onus is on you to make sure the evidence is sent. I would advise you to put your request in writing because DWP could turn around and say you didn't ask or the MR. Putting it in writing is your proof you've asked for it.

    Most MR decisions remain the same and 17% of them change. You'll most likely have to take it to Tribunal and appearing in person will give you the best chance of a decision in your favour.

    You mention your mobility but what about the daily living descriptors? Do any of those apply to you? PIP isn't just about mobility.

    My replies on your other post about the age for transferring to PIP from DLA still apply and you can no longer make a new claim for DLA. Being under 65 on 8th April 2013 means everyone that age will eventually be asked to apply for PIP.

    As you're now over 65 then this is your only option is to take it all the way to Tribunal because you'll no longer be able to make a new claim, if the MR decision doesn't go in your favour. It will become Attendance Allowance. 

    I would advise you to get some help with this from either your local welfare rights, CAB or other advice centre near you. Good luck.
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