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Hi gang, I am an ex local authority accountant who had to cease work due to ill-health.  Since then I have become a motivational speaker at schools etc.  My question is : Is there any financial help / grants out there for registered disabled people to set up a business of their own.  I.e. grants to pay for marketing of the business etc.  ?  Thanks folks  Judomandean,


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    Hi @Judomandean
    You can check your local council's website to see if they have any funding for small business start up's or local businesses.

    Also check out Business and Self Employment on theGov website that provides  information on obtaining finance and links to local business support and helplines.

    Business Support Helpline
    Telephone: 0300 456 3565
    Textphone: 0191 581 0052
    Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm

    We do not give financial assistance or grants, but you may find it helpful to search for grants online.

    Charities and grant-giving trusts rarely give money for things that you could get through, or could be funded by, statutory sources, so check your benefits first.

    Don't apply for a grant from a charity or trust unless you've checked whether you can get something through a statutory source. Before you start, talk to a disability advice service to make sure you've thought about and tried all statutory sources.

    If you find that you do need help from a charity or grant-giving trust, make sure you choose the right one. You might be able to get a list from your care manager, social worker, a local advice organisation, such as Citizens Advice or your local disability information and advice line.

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    Thank you gang for your input, I shall ring about over the next few days.  Again MANY thanks for your input.