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Financial support and care for my disabled 18 month old

Wendy1986 Member Posts: 6 Listener
hi my name is wendy, I have a 18 month old disabled son he has a condition called arthrogryposis affecting his lower limbs and muscle tones, he’s a little charmer tho, from the day he was born I didn’t let his condition get to me instead I felt privileged to be given a son that needed additional care. Emotionally I have been suffering as my limited funds that I receive goes mainly on his medical care getting him to various hospitals up and down the country meaning I’ve had to neglect other bills to fund it. The support worker I do have at the moment is more worried about my financial state rather than helping me get the right stuff to fund his medical care where as I know that I just don’t have enough to pay for both especially when hospital appointments aren’t all set in advance. 
Anyway about my son he is truly remarkable how he’s so happy to do his physiotherapy and enjoys the interactions with children with similar health needs, his condition affects his lower limbs mainly legs but have also noticed that due to low muscle tone he’s got restrictions in his arms and shoulders too. Other than this he will charm the pants off anyone who meets him



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