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The power of ATOS

clivelate Member Posts: 24 Connected
Hi, i claimed for Pip, I had my interview recently and today got the PA4 report.

It seems after suffering mental health issues for 25 years and my health getting worst and worst ATOS have fixed all of my issues within 1 and a half hours of being in there care, how wonderful they are.

I wish I would have seen them earlier, so I Would no longer be on sickness benefits, and go out to work, but now all is good,so claim ATOS.

I can now leave the house, I can take my medication myself without my family giving it to me, i can cook and peel vegetables without my family telling me im not safe to do so, and i will no longer leave the gas coming out of the hob when the flame hasn't been lit, the list goes on and on.

Based on this site, I should get enhanced support for one section, and normal for the other, but I scored zero points.

I cant yet appeal as the DWP haven't made there decision yet, but I know what is coming.

Is there anything I can do at this time, or do i have to wait for a letter telling me I cant have the PIP benefit.

I'm lucky, I have a good support network around me, and I will be going to court if needed (done this 3 times already with ESA and won all 3), but the main point of this thread is to all let you know how wonderful ATOS are, they can cure all disabilities it seems within a few hours,who needs the NHS when ATOS are around.

What makes this even worst is, i was told by the "nurse" she was a specailest in mental health,and she seem to know her stuff, and was telling me alot about how i feel, and almost at times finished of what i was saying.

She really seemed nice and caring, and i must admit, she put me at ease, but now i see the report,  i can now see she was no different to any other ATOS nurse, i have had 3 interviews all carried out by ATOS but for ESA and failed with all 3, went to court and won all 3, the last time the judge even phoned me and told me not to attend, but sadly i had already left, so i got to the court and the court clark had told me i had already won my case.


  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,620 Disability Gamechanger

    You'll have to wait for the decision and they most go with the report, it's rare to go against it.

    There's nothing stopping you starting the letter of request for the MR while you wait. You should concentrate on the PIP descriptors and where you think you should have scored those points and your reasons why. Give 2-3 examples of what happened the last time you did or tried to do that activity.

    Only 17% of MR decisions change so you'll most likely have to take it to Tribunal, as most do. Good luck.
  • lindadenise
    lindadenise Member Posts: 302 Pioneering
    Hi yes i had the same with Atos even tho since attending assessment i have had spine surgery and 2 other neurological disorders. I am now going for another MRI friday to see if i have to go through more surgery. Atos decided i had got better since my last assessment. I am at Tribunal stage was having my hearing but judge postponed due to not having a doctor to sit on the panel. I am now back to waiting again. Goodluck with your MR 
  • clivelate
    clivelate Member Posts: 24 Connected
    edited November 2018


    thanks yes doing that already with help from my mum and dad, its strange, in some parts hse wrote down what i said, then said there was no sign of mental health issues and gave me no points.

    Its also crazy that you learn coping methods over the years and you go into detail and the nurse says pretty much is agreeing with you all the time, then you see the report.

    I wasnt shaking, i wasnt sweating, and had a good insight of my mental health condition, that is what the nurse has written, after suffering from this illness for 25 years, its hardly a surprise i have a good insight to my mental health condition.

    What really shocked me more than anything is, she claimed she was trained in mental health, my god, if she was, she must of failed at it then, all the details and answers i gave, the written report, all sum up anxiety/depression and incontinence, but she said i wasn't nervous, depressed or suffered any anxiety.

    Just because i answered all the questions, that is another sign of not having mental health issues, dad came with me and answered some questions, and his answers have been twisted as well.

    She even asked if i use facebook, i said no, but on the report it says i do, the report is just per fiction.

    lindadenise, good luck

  • Waylay
    Waylay Member Posts: 971 Pioneering
     I hear that. No sign of anxiety or depression, and no sign of pain. Uh huh. Sweating, shaking, pale, speaking very quietly and quickly, sitting on the edge of the seat, restless, moving a lot, walking hunched over (back spasm), leaning on the wall, obviously stiff and in pain when doing exercises and stretches, couldn't do one at all, etc. My partner and friend both said that I was obviously in a lot of pain and extremely anxious. I was also on massive doses of tramadol/benzos/other meds. I deal well with them after a decade, but I was on max doses that day. On those doses I'm usually passed out in bed, and it's obvious that I'm drugged. No mention of that whatsoever in the report. 0 points for me, too. 19 points at tribunal, but I had to wait 11 months to get there. 



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