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Upper tier Esa advice please

serenity2018 Member Posts: 3 Listener
Hi all, 

I have no no idea where I should put this so please excuse my ignorance. 

I have been on esa support group and pip for nearly 15 years due to severe epilepsy, Crohn’s disease and agoraphobia amongst other things 

i had had my ‘check up assessment’ a while ago and was told I’m fit for work, what a joke.. I’m incontinent numerous times a day for a start, and have seizures all the time.

Anyway I’ve been through the whole procedure right up to Teir one, the judge and doctor said I’d won my case and then put me in wrag! not the support group so iam now appealing to teir 2 as I wasn’t given the chance to speak apart from my name address and a couple of probing questions - they then recommended I would have significant difficulty returning to work. - since this I have also been diagnosed with severe depression, anxiety of which I’m now on more medication and attend cbt 

But out I have two questions 

1 I have been waiting for the judges mandatory reconsideration now for nearly 8 weeks is this within the scope of when I should hear back? 

2 I’ve been told because I’m no longer in support group my esa will only be paid until January next year- can I reapply in January? Or is that it!

im so sorry if this can’t be answered but I am at my wits end, i don’t know who else to ask, I live very rural so we have no citizens advice in our town or village, nowhere I can ask advice and the constant calls to esa have proved useless, I honestly believe sometimes even they have problems working all this out! but I have a carer comes in to help me .. this is what I use my esa for, so after January I will no longer be able to pay her .. my husband unfortunately works away a lot of the week so as you can imagine I’m in desperate need of some advice if anyone can help I’d be very appreciative 

Thankyou so much in advance 



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