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Hi I was on dla high rate for 7 years and middle rate care. Changed to pip assessor came awarded me middle rate of care and mobility. Appealed it decision stood. I then took it to tribunal with my case being heard in January. Roll on 6 months later.had a new assessment last week this is before my tribunal due to a different complaint been awarded full mobility and care high rates. This surely shows the first assessor was incompident at best. I was awarded 9 points before for my Care first time 9 points this time 16 yes 16 points and nothing on that side has changed that’s a full 7 points more. It was only the mobility side she was coming out for this time and duly awarded me the 12 points. Will the dwp now realise the first assessment must have been lies and now just do away with the tribual any judge will surely look at that and see you can’t change that much in 6 months the systems a joke.