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PIP review assessment

pingram2 Member Posts: 6 Listener
edited November 2018 in PIP, DLA, and AA
Hi all

I am new to this forum and am grateful to be able to participate and ask for advice. I am currently receiving PIP and ESA for severe depression disorder and anxiety . I also have som physical issues.
i was asked to send a PIP re-view form back with around 12 questions on. I sent it back with a mountain of supporting evidence a d a very powerful letter from my psychiatrist basically stating given the severity of my condition and my suicidal ideations if pushed that I should refrain from work and remain under her care. This along with lots other reports test results and appointments along with a huge list of medication I take. It took the DWP 15 weeks for a case manager to look and to my surprise they referred me to these capita people for a face to face at my home in a weeks time. I felt this unnecessary as it’s simply won’t happen I have major problems getting out of bed due to sleeping problems sleep apnea and nightmares due to ptsd .
ive emailed capita to ask them if they have read my psychiatrist report because I’m so sure they simply don’t bother and do face to face regardless of how bad you are.
i am aware that the capita staff are not trained GOs or consultants or psychiatrists neither are the decision maker at the DWP.
so I’m wondering :  Can a decision maker at DWP not on the level of a psychiatrist in profession qualifications or experience can they LEGALLY OVER -RIDE a head lead consultant psychiatrist??
can they do that and what powers have they got to over rule it?
all it is i just want a fair assessment as i know they are known to fudge and be corrupt , so i am going to RECORD the face to face to cover myself as what i will tell them will not be easy to hear and true of how I feel and what impact it would gave on me if forced onto jsa when I’m million miles from fully fit?
also does a face to face involve asking 12 basic questions or other things?
kind regards Paul 


  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 31,357 Disability Gamechanger

    A letter stating you should refrain from working won't help your PIP claim, and it won't help you have a paper based assessment. PIP isn't about working, it's about how your conditions affect your ability to carry out daily activities based on the PIP descriptors. People claim PIP and work. If you're refused PIP then you definitely won't be made to claim JSA because they're completely different benefits.

    Future appointment letters aren't classed as evidence either because they don't state anything about how your conditions affect you. A huge list of all the medication you take isn't the best evidence either. The evidence you should send should state exactly how your conditions affect you.

    Most people have face to face assessments, it's very rare to have a paper based assessment. Sending in huge amounts of evidence is only going to help if it relates to how your conditions affect you. Otherwise it's not the best evidence.

    During the assessment you'll be asked questions about how your conditions affect your daily life against the PIP descriptors.

    If you plan on recording the assessment, you need to get permission to do this before the assessment. You must you 2 devices and produce 2 identical copies on either CD or tape. If you don't have permission and they catch you recording then the assessment could stop, your file returned to DWP and you'll likely be refused that benefit. My advice is forget the recording because it won't help you get an award and concentrate more on evidence that states how your conditions affect you.

    PIP descriptors here.

  • markyboy
    markyboy Member Posts: 367 Pioneering
    Well said if this information and guidance was supplied by the DWP with every application form you would not get all these misguided people who feel aggrieved
  • pingram2
    pingram2 Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Thankyou ever so much both. I really appreciate your honesty, I much prefer that than people agreeing with what I think as basically , I simply didn’t know and am none the wiser but at least know I’ve got an idea of exactly what the assessment is about and what they are looking for .
    ive always prided myself in life about being 100% honest . In my psychiatrists letter it states the truth , and that my condition dates back to when I was 17, 28 years ago and I’ve been under a psychiatrist for 22 years. This is not a sudden thing. I suffered great loss since I kept losing jobs because of my illness in 2015 and lost my home was re-possessed and I lost everything andbdcame homelrss now live with my mother and my wife I. Housing accommodation . My condition has DRAMATICALLY worsened since this event and my mom will sit with me during the assessment in supporting me as she knows first hand what. I am like and how I can be.
    it is not a pretty scenario and I will tell them exactly what’s happened and how I am and how it affects me my wife my mother and my ability to do things. I have a fear of going out in public. I can’t drive now because of my medication so looking st the scoring system I score 10 points on the social and going out question as the only time I go out is with my wife and mother for appointments at doctors and hospital or for other essential things.
    Im SINCERELY GRATEFUL for both of your help and advice I really am, and I will let you know how I feel my assessment goes which will be at my home . I will not bother with the recording equipment as per your advice . All I want is to appear as I am and the genuine case I am.
    sincerly Paul 
  • Yadnad
    Yadnad Posts: 2,856 Connected
    markyboy said:
    Well said if this information and guidance was supplied by the DWP with every application form you would not get all these misguided people who feel aggrieved
    Poppy is right in what she has said. But even though after reading all of it, I'm still as confused as the next person is as to what is the 'proper evidence'. Yes I know what the DWP need, but thinking along those lines I haven't got a clue who could give that type of evidence other than friends and family. Where does this 'proper evidence' come from? 
    As far as the medical specialists are concerned, they too wouldn't have a clue of what the impact is and how it should be related to the specific descriptors.

    I can only conclude that a report from an OT that has carried out a full assessment on the claimant is the only way that this level and type of evidence can be obtained.

    Getting such an assessment from Social Services is almost impossible - I've been waiting 8 months so far!
  • pingram2
    pingram2 Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Hi Yadnad,
    indeed esoecually when it comes to mental health issues. There’s 4 people who are aware and understand my disorder . That’s myself , my wife , my mother and importantly my psychiatrist . I would feel a bit AGREIVED if an OT came out who has LIMITED knowledge of mental health to incorrectly assess my condition especially given the graphic notes from my psychiatrist. SURELY a lead consultant psychiatrist must have done value as why would they ask for supporting evidence ? I’ll openly admit physically I’m largely ok and I’ll trll the assessor that I’ll be honest , but psychologically I am extremely Vulberable and unwell.
    But as you say , what I present and say on the day with my mom is the best evidence 
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 31,357 Disability Gamechanger
    During the assessment you will need to answer all the questions yourself. You mum maybe able to prompt you but the HCP will want to hear it is your own words how your conditions affect you.

    You'll be asked questions related to each of the descriptors and not just your conditions in general. A HCP doesn't need to have specific knowledge in any particular condition because we're all different and each condition affects all of us differently. What might affect one, may not affect another. Lots of people claim PIP for mental health and the way it affects them against the PIP descriptors.

    You say you have a PIP award? did you have a face to face assessment last time or was it a paper based assessment? If you had a face to face assessment then it will be the same as that one.
  • pingram2
    pingram2 Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Hi poppy.
    thankyou for your response that’s really helpful. I fully agree with all that you say. I advocate we are all different , and respond in different ways be it physical , mental illness or both. I’ve soffered severe depression disorder and anxiety since I was a teenager and know even with depression and mental illness, we all are different and cope differently so I can see why the assessment comprises a complete range of questions and how we are affected . Yes I had as assessment around 4/5 years ago but in all honesty a lot of water has gone under the bridge since then and my memory is poor at best that’s one of my problems but I remember a very nice guy coming out to my home before it was re-possessed and he was very polite and put me under no pressure and asked me a variety of questions related and unrelated to my illness but I can remember my care worker having quite a significant input .
    but it does appear things may have changed since then , I know several friends assessed and had their pip taken off them , one person with no feet due to diabetes so I’m becoming aware they are a lot harder now than maybe they used to be hence my wuedyionadking for advice . I’ve been told the assesment is comprised of 12 main daily and some mobility questions that affect you and for each issue they may ask you several different questions . I’ve taken an on-line Test in line with the DWP scoring system . I was honest and each answer was in line with what I put down on my form I had to compete .
    id like to emphasise this is for a PIP REVIEW, not re-new or application and I honestly given my award finishes in April anyway why I don’t ask to simply re-new it as they are going to full lengths as they did in my application which obviously yes they can justify and understand for an application but review I thought would be paper based and a full face to face next year when my award was actually due to be re-newed
    I like many are reading ( true or false ) quite a few bad reports in the press , and in person of assessments being fudged , corruption within the DWP , ATOS/CAPITA all sorts of nasty things including poor assesment Standards etc so all I’m doing is making sure and trying to re-assure myself and become accurately aware of what will take place as anywould really . I’m natirally a huge panicker I can not help it . I panic and worry immensely I can’t cope like others do hence me asking the question and I’m so very grateful sincerely to you and all the feedback I really am. I’ve had an email from scope saying they’ve read my post and they ave asked me to ring them which again is very thoughtful and kind.
    again my profound thanks to all 
  • Yadnad
    Yadnad Posts: 2,856 Connected
    edited November 2018
    It doesn't matter what you call it - review, renew or re-apply, the requirements are the same - you have to treat the review as though it is a totally brand new claim.
    A face to face assessment is the norm and you need to send in up to date evidence to substantiate your claim.
    As for the assessment itself, it is a matter of good luck if you get an assessor who wants to do a good job and submit a totally honest report to the DWP. Not all assessors are that way inclined - many will tell lies, make things up even to the point of saying that you managed to do a particular exercise which in reality never happened.
    Some will want to discuss the issues and difficulties you face whilst others are much happier only wanting a yes/no answer to a statement that they make.
  • pingram2
    pingram2 Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Thanks , many tell LIES, that’s why I initially wanted and was advised to have recording equipment .
    these people are not paid taxpayers money to LIE or cause problems with peoples lives . This is serious stuff well it is to me, and that’s why I’m taking every effort to make sure I’m fairly assessed . I ask no more. Just be treated fairly an in-line with the guidelines .
    Its because ATOS/ CAPITA have such a BAD reputation that I’m going to these lengths . I’ll also ask within my rights for a copy of the report if an adverse decision is given , to make sure it is inline with the initial form, and the assessment . I’ve just returned from the CAN. This is their advice , it’s positive supportive they didn’t scare monger me and I feel much better.
  • pingram2
    pingram2 Member Posts: 6 Listener


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