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I've received a review letter/form a year early which I've read is normal. I'm going to ask Welfare Rights to help me with the form but what I wanted to know is, if they try and say I don't need PIP do they stop your money right away or is it stopped when your award notice ends? Mine ends in November 2019. I'm assuming they review it earlier just in case there are problems and you need to appeal? 

This has now made me feel ten times worse, I have anxiety, depression and fibromyalgia, I already have a pending assessment for ESA and now they are sending me forms for PIP.

Thanks in advance



  • Yadnad
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    If you fail to get awarded enough points for the review and get no award then that new decision will over ride the current award. In other words it is always the latest decision that takes precedent over the current one you are receiving even though you may have many months left to run of the current award.
  • [Deleted User]
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    Three more things, how long does it take roughly for the DWP to get back to you once you've sent your form back, will they expect me to have another assessment and can I record the assessment if it's at home?
  • Yadnad
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    no one can tell you how long. It could be weeks or even months.
    It is almost likely that you will have to have a face to face assessment.
    You can officially record the assessment either at home of at their centre provided that you have their permission before hand and comply with the rules regarding producing two tapes or CDs'
    If you record it covertly then you do run the risk of your PIP claim being closed down.
    In any event there is very little you can do with these recordings that is unless you are willing to pay for it to be transcribed professionally 
  • [Deleted User]
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    I see, not sure why a lot of people advise people who are going to have assessments to record then because if you're on benefits it's not like you can afford to have them transcribed. I thought it might put the assessor off telling lies in their reports.

    I've been waiting for almost a year for an appointment for an ESA home assessment, so if that's anything to go by.. 

    Thanks for the info.
  • [Deleted User]
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    I've just noticed that my posted ended up being posted twice, at the time of me posting I was getting errors messages, so I don't know if it's to do with that.


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