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PIP decision

Harley_Quinn Member Posts: 27 Connected
I applied for PIP and only received 2 points for "communication with others" and the same when I made my mandatory reconsideration appeal. I have ASD, anxiety and I had to wear splints and have physiotherapy as a child - I was premature so had problems with the tendons and muscles in my legs. The assessor wasn't interested in this as it wasn't recent, but if I hadn't had this I wouldn't walk at all and even now I can only walk so fast, have to wear insoles to support my feet and I walk on my tiptoes. He said I could walk fine judging the 30 seconds walk from the waiting area to his office and balancing on one leg holding onto a chair - which I could only do due to the support of something to hold onto. He also claimed that I behaved fine even though I didn't make eye contact and fidgeted with my stim toy the whole interview. It was as if he had no idea what ASD is like and he just wanted to hear what suited him. My family, friends and even a few people who haven't known me long (lecturers, work experience staff) notice it and disagree with what was said. What do I do now? I feel like I should get another opinion but feel like I'd get the same answers again and going to a tribunal worries me (new place, trying to get my points across). Thank you 


  • mapchange
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    edited November 2018
    Hi. I have ASD and anxiety as well. i'm in the process of doing a mandatory reconsideration for my PIP cause they think I don't qualify for mobility when I actually do, according to the new mental health tribunal ruling. so yeah, what you should do is get your laptop or computer out (or pen and paper if you're old-fashioned,) write up a mandatory reconsideration letter and go through all the daily living points.

    tell the decision maker that you need prompting to do things. that should get you at least 2 points on each question and should get you enough to get the enhanced rate. (most autistic people need prompting to do stuff like get dressed or have a shower or eat and i'm definitely one of them, so it's technically true in my opinion.)

    now the mobility bit is gonna be tricky as you'd need to demonstrate how you get overwhelmed on the bus or the train or in the car. if you can give some anecdotal evidence as to when you had an autistic meltdown on public transport and how it affected the other passengers/the driver then you can also chuck that bit in there in the planning and following a journey bit in the mobility section of your MR letter, then you should be good to go. make sure you send it off as recorded delivery so they can get it seen to ASAP.

    EDIT: forgot to mention if (s)he still gives you the 2 points for communicating or (s)he gives you zero then don't be afraid to go to the CAB and take it to tribunal! If i'm deffo entitled to PIP, then you're deffo entitled to PIP yourself!
  • Harley_Quinn
    Harley_Quinn Member Posts: 27 Connected


    I've already received an answer from my mandatory reconsideration appeal giving me the same 2 points for daily living as they did on the initial decision. In my reconsideration I mentioned how I have to complete my day in a certain routine, can only wear certain materials of clothes, struggle deciding what to eat and how I have to eat in a certain order/no food mixed up /certain textures and how I shut down if this is interrupted. I also explained how I can follow routes I regularly take but get distressed if this route is changed and that I have to be taken to new places and have explained to me exactly what I should expect on the journey, that I won't get on crowded buses and I will search a train for the emptiest carriage and sit with my headphones on and my stim toy. 

  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,395 Disability Gamechanger
    mapchange said:

    If i'm deffo entitled to PIP, then you're deffo entitled to PIP yourself!
    That's not correct. PIP isn't awarded based on a diagnosis. We're all affected differently, even those with ASD. What might affect one person, might not affect another. The PIP descriptors won't apply to everyone.


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