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Which mobility aids should I use for ESA assessment?

Gogo21 Member Posts: 41 Courageous
Hiya everyone.. I've just got my esa reassessment letter in.. Ive been waiting for 8mths for the dreaded letter..anyway it says to bring all medical aids.. I use crutches.. And I use a wheelchair part time.. I can't self propelled due to muscle pain . Fatigue.. And spasms.. so I rely on some to push me.. So do I arrive in my wheelchair.. Or use my crutches.. I know it sounds crazy .. It also asked for any letters from g. P. Etc.. But I have nothing new to add since the reassessment information 8mths ago.. Thank you for any advice .. Already feeling sick about it all


  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 23,908 Disability Gamechanger

    It's your choice what you use but just so you know this type of wheelchair isn't classed as an aid for ESA and won't help a claim.  Remember, ESA is about the work you can do and not the work you can't do and this is what you'll be assessed on.

    Are you currently in a group or on assessment rate?
  • Gogo21
    Gogo21 Member Posts: 41 Courageous
    Hiya @poppy123456 ..it wasn't about helping my claim as such.. I just wasn't sure if I was supposed to take it.. Thank you for answer my question.. I'm in the support group.. X
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 23,908 Disability Gamechanger
    When attending a face to face assessment you should be yourself and that's the best advice anyone can give you. Good luck.
  • Gogo21
    Gogo21 Member Posts: 41 Courageous
    @poppy123456. .Thank you.. I always get nervous when it comes to assessment .. But as you say you can only be yourself and be honest.. I thought I was going to have to drag all my medical aids in with me.. Which changes  depending on how my conditions is affecting me.. Again thanks for your reply 
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 23,908 Disability Gamechanger
    No problem. I know what you mean, i had my ESA assessment review 3 weeks ago and i can't tell you how nervous i was. Didn't sleep for weeks before it. I'm also in the Support Group for mobillising. The HCP i had was a nurse and she was the nicest person i've ever met. Helped me up from my seat because i couldn't get up and let me hold her arm while she took me out to the door. I was in so much pain.

    I had a copy of my assessment report last week and she was 100% truthful and recommended LCWRA (Support Group)  as they now call it, even for ESA. It's rare for them to go against the report. Now i'm just waiting for the decision but i'm not worried.

    Good luck to you!
  • Poppy2012
    Poppy2012 Member Posts: 3 Listener
    When attending a face to face assessment you should be yourself and that's the best advice anyone can give you. Good luck.
    Hi Poppy123456 this is Poppy2012 (too many poppys on this site) just joking I have been on ESA and PIP and have learnt that you must just tell them what you are like at your worst not what you are like on your odd good days as they will work it out from what the best days you tell them about also you must tell them about every aid you use or need, when I first applied for PIP I was asked to go for an interview at the local office but as it was on the third floor they said I must be able to walk down the stairs on my own just in case of a fire and not being able to use the lift when I told them I cannot manage stairs that well without pain they cancelled the appointment and made a new one in my home which to me was much better or sounded like it would be until the result came back where they told me I was not entitled to anything due to my telling them that I can walk without any problem which I never said at all as all walking is painfull they told me that they have to accept what their interviewer had put down not what I said but when I told them I had proof of what I had said due to my cctv system they decided to send someone else out to do a new interview and the result came back that I get the lower rate for care and higher rate for mobility not bad compaired to the first one of zero for both also it was for 10 years which means I do not have to have anouther medical or interview for the 10 years so make sure you only tell them about how you are on your worst time.

    good luck with your claim
    Regards Poppy Ann.
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 23,908 Disability Gamechanger
    I'm glad you got the correct award for you finally.

    However, basing any claiming, whether it's PIP or ESA on your worst day is the absolute worst advice anyone can ever give. It's not about your worst day. If you do this, when you attend a face to face assessment, if that day isn't your worst day they'll see through it straight away. Never ever base either on your worst day. Tell the truth from the start is the only way.

  • Gogo21
    Gogo21 Member Posts: 41 Courageous
    @Poppy2012 @poppy123456 thanks for your help and support .. I had my assessment to today.. I'm not sure how it went.. Assesser only asked me  a few questions.. He said I had given him a lot of information on how my conditions affect me and suggested I should not do the exercises as I was in pain.. So not sure if it' was a good or bad sign.. So fingers crossed I will find out soon . X


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