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pip assessment

susankay Member Posts: 19 Connected
Hello all,  I had my pip review on Tuesday. It was at a centre, what a farce. I suffer with peripheral neuropathy in my feet. my feet hurt and feel uncomfortable all of the time. No good or bad days, just uncomfortable. I can only wear crocs,i cannot even where socks without it making my feet worse. 
There were 4 of us waiting for in the waiting room. I was the last one called and not only was i taken to the furthest room away it was also up on the next level. I am claustrophobic and had no choice but to go up in the lift. During my assessment i was asked about how many minutes i could walk for before stopping, i tried to explain that i cannot walk any distance without pain. To this he said but you can walk so for how long one ,two minutes?. I said 2 minutes because i have to walk through pain. I realise now it was all designed to 'Catch me out' because they think there clever and thats what they do. I have probably lost my standard rate mobility pip because of it. The blue badge was a god send to me. Its gone now along with my £22 a week that helped me run my car. Good luck to you all you will need it.


  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 31,253 Disability Gamechanger
    At this point you can't speculate on anything. Wait a week and ring DWP to ask for a copy of the assessment report, this will give you some idea what the decision is likely to be as they mostly go with the report. You will of course still have to wait for the decision but if you disagree it's MR then Tribunal, if that fails.
  • pixie61
    pixie61 Member Posts: 67 Courageous
    Phone DWP and ask for assessors report. Then when you’ve got your award letter & its not what you were especting. Do a Mandatory Reconsideration. I’m in the process of doing one. Your local Citizens Advice Bureau will be able to advise you. It’s awful what they’re putting us through. But don’t give up! There will be others on here who can advise you better than I x
  • Yadnad
    Yadnad Posts: 2,856 Connected
    The assessor will have it in their mind that you managed to walk, probably without having to stop, a distance that will have already been measured.
    Then you voluntarily entered a lift making no comment beforehand of your fear of enclosed places?
    You had every choice to not use the lift but to demand that you are seen on the ground floor due to your issues. Likewise you had the option to stop the walk to take a breath or even to ask for a room closer because...………

    The proof will be in the pudding - as Poppy says ask for a copy of the report.

  • susankay
    susankay Member Posts: 19 Connected
    Yes I'm sure the distance was measured. I did tell him i was claustrophobic,he said he would come in the lift with me. In hindsight i should have asked for a closer room.Not that i think that there was one available.I new it was a set up of sorts. Lets hope he never has to live with my condition. He is a physiotherist  and very **** sure of himself. Apology for spelling.
  • susankay
    susankay Member Posts: 19 Connected

    I rang DWP on friday and they said they would ask for the report. She did say that it was up to the CM when it was sent out. Sometimes they wait until they have made their decision. 4 to 6 weeks i have been told to wait for decision.


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