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Looking after yourself in winter

debbiedo49 Member Posts: 2,904 Disability Gamechanger
At this time of year there are all sorts of bugs going around. It's hard when you live alone or don't have other people around to look after you. So I thought it would be good to start this discussion about looking after ourselves when we might be struggling our own to get over colds, coughs, flu etc. For me, I really miss my dad asking me "Do you need anything?" and he would pop to the shops in the car and get me my bits n bobs. Also missed getting a lift to the doctors the other day when I was poorly and having to go out in the bad weather. I have a big son at home but he lacks sympathy shall we say lol. Looks like he is getting the sore throat viral infection I have. So, suggestions about what to have at home to beat the lonely bug blues and help us to feel a it better and that can only be good, right?
I have on my list:
Paracetamol capsules, ibuprofen capsules, cough medicine, honey, lemon tea, soups, soft foods, ready meals, hot water bottle, microwave neck wrap, menthol bath crystals, tissues, throat sweets,  menthol gum, chap stick. Vitamin c,   Chocolate and Pot noodles ? 


  • topshoes
    topshoes Member Posts: 442 Pioneering
    as i was a first aider with the red cross thermometer can be important too x
  • debbiedo49
    debbiedo49 Member Posts: 2,904 Disability Gamechanger
    Yes! Also room thermometer
  • Gwendoline1
    Gwendoline1 Member Posts: 215 Pioneering
    Wow debbiedo49,
    Very impressed.
    May I had add a lovely soft warm throw and cushions, that’s what I love when I’m have a poor day.
    Many thanks and wrap up warm ???
  • exdvr
    exdvr Member Posts: 331 Pioneering

    Hello @debbiedo49...that's a good list you have there.  Have you had your flu jab this year?

     In my opinion one of the best things to do is to keep yourself warm, particularly your hands and feet.  Close any doors that don't need to be open to eliminate draughts as even only a couple of degrees difference between rooms will cause a draught and increase your fuel bills.    Are you due a winter fuel payment? £200 if you live alone.  Also maybe your son needs a kick in the pants?

    In poor weather I can't get out on my scooter and really only leave the house if absolutely necessary. Order as much of your shopping as you can with online delivery.  Catch up with what's happening via the internet, watch something decent on telly, read a good book etc etc.

    Keeping up with what's happening on Scope is another good idea.

    Only another 6 months till summertime!!  Take care.

    Best wishes.


  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Member Posts: 6,389 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello @debbiedo49 How are you ? Sorry it has been a while thanks for sharing this.

    Not good to hear that you struggled to the Doctors do know some surgeries have volunteering drivers.

    Like this a lot understand the need for a Winters store cupboard.  Have instant rice, noodles plus a range of pastes and spice mixes. True having a Curry helps the immune system and beats the blues.

    As I do my username a range of spices and herbs to help my self. To over come the blues and depression.

    Have a coping methods.  Also in it my diary to plan and organise everything I need to keep safe and warm.

    Already know and maybe should put some of my uplifting, easing the pain away recipes on here .

    Like to share and hope these tips and tricks you provide help any body.

    Especially this time of year it is finding as you say a balance. What is important is to eat and be aware of what you can eat.

    Always have for example dried fruit in my stores. Two reasons . First once rehydrated can and do have certain health benefits.  Apples and Prunes plus Apricots now and again not the brightly coloured ones.

    Have Honey and bottle of Lemon juice .  Good for sore throats.

    Understand the need for over counter meds unfortunately can not use them. So use herbal and spices.

    Have yoghurt and frozen berries plus fruit in the freezer.  Have to admit other favourites this time of year are my Winter Roots and Greens. Did you know you can buy now Frozen Kale and Butternut squash. Do have a lot of frozen veg in my freezer.

    Saves a lot of time.

    Also my all time favourites dried Pulses buy big bags last all year.  Soak over night and use to enhance meals.

    I hope this illness you have goes away and if there is anything I can advise on as well help. Please ask.

    You take care


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  • debbiedo49
    debbiedo49 Member Posts: 2,904 Disability Gamechanger
    Great ideas folks, cheered me up no end. I haven't had my flu jab yet and then I got I'll so it's Delayed. I love my cushions and fleece blankets for snuggling on sofa year round. Did I put vicks or vapour rub up? Good on your soles under cotton socks at bedtime for a cough. I can't get any right now as the shops next to me don't sell it, I'm having to go to chemist for it tomorrow.  Snuffle baby is a milder version works well if you have any allergies or asthma. Vapour rub on feet reduces reactions for that. Fluffy socks. Some good Christmas present ideas lol. I go to lidl they sell great fluffy socks etc around now for Christmas. 
    Bottles of water and diluting juice to keep hydrated.
  • Gwendoline1
    Gwendoline1 Member Posts: 215 Pioneering
    Hiya debbiedo49,
    Great tip on Snuffle baby, I have asthma and find Vicks to strong. I’ll try that. 
    Thanks and enjoy snuggling up ???
  • debbiedo49
    debbiedo49 Member Posts: 2,904 Disability Gamechanger
    @Gwendoline1 hi  that’s what works for me but it depends on your tolerance levels. I’m not a doctor or a nurse so you might want to check with your pharmacist first. 
    Take care x
  • Gwendoline1
    Gwendoline1 Member Posts: 215 Pioneering
    Hiya debbiedo49,
    Thanks I shall.
    Take care too ???
  • Pippa_Alumni
    Pippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,793 Disability Gamechanger
  • mumjac
    mumjac Member Posts: 19 Connected
    I have been on 1 garlic tablet a day for about 8 years now and never had a cold or flu since , my daughter started taking them and she also not had any , so it worth a try 
  • debbiedo49
    debbiedo49 Member Posts: 2,904 Disability Gamechanger
    I think a few years ago I took garlic and it seemed to help colds etc 


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