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Hello every body my friends. Thought share with you the experience I have had.

Disaster washing machine got from the big retailers has been broken upon repair.  Had it for ten years but what is to me a good period of time but there again. Everything I have bought had crashed and burnt.

Never ever realised the big retailers sell you so much rubbish and tat.

Even worse there are dedicated websites to one brand one of the retailers sell.  Listing all the faults.

Are we naïve and go cash in had and buy this rubbish, have dealt with the local guy in the nearest town.

Got a brand new washing machine. Here is the thing paid a good price and happy yet if I buy from the big retailers. Add on fees, delivery charges and costs to take away the old machine. come in to play.

On line yesterday been a member of Which website and joined to find best deals.

Great to hear what they have to say but my friends be careful all I am saying. After all the price that you see is great but buyer beware and they is always a catch with on line retailers.

Problem is now also these flashy, glossy ads on line now if you have a repair. Takes this time to a central booking on line caller.

Takes your details and all done on line, no need for phone great I thought . Then they do not turn up. Can wait in all day waiting.

Called in the end one time around evening time to say not coming.

Found out from a friend who called could be a minimum of couple hundred pounds before even sorted anything out.

So was the case in his aerial and satellite.  As he was green and naïve like me. So my issues are how do they get away with this.

How and also what is the Government doing about this. Seems lately forget Brexit needs more concentration on things like this.

Scary and frightening.  For vulnerable, not too sure , sometimes naïve people like me.

I wonder there are any body like myself. Frightened and terrified to call out repairs or need something to be replaced.

With out realising the hidden costs and all because I might be disabled with mental illness.

Had a nice chat to the guy just left showed what to do. Washing machine new controls.  Have to admit last few guys to fit machine walk out .

Had one dump my freezer in the hall and leave. How exactly am I going to move this then. As he stormed off down the path and off.

Had to ask neighbours and well got annoyed with that retailer.  Rang them up and told them so. No feedback.

Any way another I learnt one final point never ever sign up to extended warranties or guarantee. Was going to TV but found out would charge me per year. New washing machine should be OK  

As I bought it from a shop not one of the big retailers.  As he said any problems contact me.

You are covered I believe any way by Consumer law unless some one can disagree with me.

Am I right.  Might contact WHICH on that one.

All I need now is some sunny weather . Windy to dry stacks of washing.


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  • mikehughescq
    mikehughescq Posts: 8,847 Connected
    Have to say I’ve found Which to be largely disconnected from reality and they continuously recommend things which just aren’t that good. 
  • debbiedo49
    debbiedo49 Member Posts: 2,904 Disability Gamechanger
    I usually go by how many stars the item gets on different Web sites, then go by delivery costs etc. I did get a cover plan for my last washer which has run out that I can't afford to renew right now but it was well worth it as I use the washer a lot.
  • mikehughescq
    mikehughescq Posts: 8,847 Connected
    I paid more for a Miele. Cost more than double other machines but arrived at a hugely stressful time with a brand new baby and a very ill mother of said baby. Nearly 14 years later I’m still waiting for 1 single thing to go wrong with it. Not an option available to everyone but if it is you should go for it. Prior to that we’d gone through 4 in 12 years.
  • thespiceman
    thespiceman Member Posts: 6,389 Disability Gamechanger
    edited December 2018
    Hello @debbiedo49 Thanks for commenting on my post.  One of the aspects of buying new machine from a shop. Where they service and repair washing machines.  Is that as you buy new if anything goes wrong . Will be by  law I believe repair it. Have a duty.

    Under the Consumer Act 2015.  So the WHICH website have informed me . Apparently so. The washing machine comes with a guarantee . Yet is it worth applying for because should be covered by this new act.

    I had to investigate because one product I bought asked that you log the details . Of the product and found had to subscribe to a plan. Costing a lot. In my opinion.  For example a brand new TV from a supermarket . Even after buying you are still covered. By law I believe.

    Rather from one of the big retailers where that you might have to pay a plan for to cover the item  having faults or some thing happening to it.

    Had this with one of the big retailers. Had to pay a plan on the washing machine three years. Was not a lot. Then I checked out the plan. Found most of what I need to cover. So I thought they will not cover.  Lasted ten years never paid for a plan.

    Amongst my opinions are the extended warranty not worth the money.  Had a friend continuing paying loads of cash per year.

    I remember he had ten year old white goods still paying warranty for . 

    Made me aware of the whole debacle buying products.  .

    Reason have concerns . All the time when purchasing items.

    Take care.


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  • Ralph
    Ralph Member Posts: 40 Connected
    I bought our washing machine just over a year ago and during the summer it had a fault. Beeping continuously during washes. As it was still under warranty I phoned and after 3 call outs it was fixed. 
    I wouldn’t buy extended warranty on anything. The machine cost around £230 and if it breaks badly it gets dumped. Cheaper to buy a new one than pay I think it was £60 a year. Most white goods are considered disposable now, I know ecologically it’s bad but it’s the economics of it. 

  • worried33
    worried33 Member Posts: 411 Pioneering
    It was worth it for me I got very lucky.

    I got my washing machine several years ago from a big retailer, the service included installation.

    I ended up cancelling it and got refunded, someone was supposed to pick it up which never happened, so I kept it.  There was an issue but the company that made the machine had a direct number, and they sent someone to fix it (was a loose part inside) and I have been using it fine ever since a free washing machine. :)


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