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Spinal canal stenosis

XenasMum Member Posts: 27 Connected
Hi I've been referred to Neurosurgery at Charing Cross as an MRI of my neck has shown that my spinal column is narrowing. I got the letter from Neurology that says "there are some changes suggestive of spinal canal stenosis at the level of C5-C6, C6-C7" I think this is because I have 4 stable fractures in my spine (C3, C4, T5, T11) and I've developed bone spurs that are pressing on my spine. 
I will be asking for another MRI because they only did my neck which has thrown me tbh. But I wondered if anyone had anything like this and what was done to resolve it?
I'm hopeful that an operation to remove the bone spurs will solve the problems with my legs as they just seem to be getting worse I've been on crutches more on than off since May this year and now can't even consider going out without them.
I've also got an appointment for neurosurgery at the end of January 
Thanks for reading lovely people ?



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