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Hi, my name is cornishcarer!

Hi I’m from Cornwall and was a very hard working person who working out keeping myself fit in mind and body. I enjoyed life to the full, no problems no worries in my in my life.Everything was so good for me and my family. 
But things where about to change,with in days that is when hell on earth broke out ,my life change forever and put my family through the biggest nightmare that had ever happened to them.

i became very very ill dispitght being told I’m ok by my doctor ? he even rung my wife and told her it’s all I’m my head nothing wrong with me,he then said for my wife to tell me not to go back to see him for a few months. 
But within day I was very unwell in so much pain,my wife took me to out of hours doctors and was sent straight to hospital. I was examined this was the biggest shock of my life as I was told that the could see clearly that I had cancer that’s was 2004 since then I have have been going to hospital regularly for check ups and different operations.
But then thing we’re going to go from bad to worst we moved forward to 2015 this when it all started to get very bad. But that’s another story it’s a very long story so will save that for when I have time to tell all



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