Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
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hi all sorry haven't been about much lately would just like to ask they are taking me off ESA and have an  appointment for me on Thursday 13 about universal credit is it as bad as what I have heard


  • poppy123456poppy123456 Member Posts: 22,218 Disability Gamechanger

    Why are they taking you off ESA? Have you been found fit for work?
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  • Benedorm_123Benedorm_123 Member Posts: 6 Listener
    HI  Poppy no my wife and I moved into sheltered accommodation a few weeks ago and they are saying I cannot have ESA in the new place 
  • SpibesSpibes Member Posts: 58 Courageous
    Okay what group were you in? Legally speaking they shouldn't have to require you to do another work capability assessment but they can do them whenever they please, it usually takes a little while for esa to tell the uc team and update your claim with the LCWRA element (support group element slightly higher money if you didn't get the severe disability premium) but they should do it. 

    At your appointment stress you were on ESA previously, explain it to them thoroughly you shouldn't need a sick note (if you do it's easy enough to bring one but you shouldn't under this as you are migrating due to a change of circumstance) they should then turn off the work commitment and your claimant commitment will only be I will inform the DWP of any change of circumstances. 

    As for money you do have to wait 5 weeks for first payment as long as you brought id and there is nothing to do in your to do list in your online journal, you can ask for advanced payment, if you do this you get it on the same day if they accept the advisor can tell you about this at your appointment. You do have to pay it back, you can make it the lowest repayment possible if you have enough to tie you over for 5 weeks avoid it if you don't it's there as a lifeline. 

    For example my mum and her boyfriend got their 100% of their advance as a joint claim of £800 and are paying back £76 out of each monthly payment, that is actually small in comparison to some repayment plans I've seen. 

    It's okay once the claim gets going and the LCWRA (limited capability for work related activity) element gets added and even though legally they don't need to assess you if your esa award was a longer period sometimes they do and once that UC50 arrives in the post you must complete it hopefully they smooth everything over quickly, there has been horror stories but advisors are getting better with it as they get more experienced with the system. 

    Wish you luck for your appointment, sorry for the essay but wanted to give you as much info as I knew from my friend's experience and my mum's. 
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