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Dealing with the frustration that can be caused by disability

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Hi I'm Barry and I want to share a post about:

  • What is Cerebral Palsy


  •  What most people do when they are very upset with Cerebral Palsy and why is this 

What is Cerebral Palsy and how do you get this:

Many people who got Cerebral Palsy to get it from birth, or soon after they are born, it is because air is stopped from the brain, what stop the baby moving right, each person is different just liked we don’t all have blue eyes.   

What most people do with Cerebral Palsy when they are very upset 

This bit of the report had being check up in two different way the first way we are going be talking about, what we find out when I looked this up on the infornett I type into google what happein when people who suffer with Cerebral Palsy get very upset. Here which it came up with. As you might knew many people who suffer this find it hard to speak, because of many people use a communication aides it could be a aide with picters or a high comuniication aide which mean it have speech output on this. When i type it into google uk what happen when people who suffer with Cerebral Palsy get very upset. It say most people bite the back of their hand but they dont knew how they do it, so i google it again, and it say when people get upset sometime the person who suffer with Cerebral Palsy dont knew what to say so their body go funny, and they start to bit the back the hand, which dont look very nice, and we all knew this. Afte I did this I asked some of my frieds on facebook. What do they do when they are very upset, most people told me we bit the back of you hands, and we dont knew how. 

I would person would like make people a wear of this, because people feel bad for doing this, and many lost many friends over this too. 


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    Hi @Bazalad
    Thanks for posting this and making people aware of the things that people do when feeling frustrated. We all experience feelings of frustration at times and it can be useful to find coping mechanisms that don't involve hurting yourself. 
    Have you spoken to anybody like your G.P. about these feelings? The charity MIND have some very good resources to look at
    Specialist Information Officer and Cerebral Palsy Programme Lead

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