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I have just applied for ESA. I don't know anything about ESA

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  • CarlyDunn
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    I have a titanium rod in spine to correct a curve due to scoliosis which is curvature of the spine. Also had 4 ribs removed from my right ribcage to use as bone cartlidge. This was done back in February 2006.

    I've currently been suffering from severe neuralgia pain in my right ribs and back where I had the operation. I've also got loss of sensation in my right arm, hand and finger tips. Plus lack of grip in my right hand. I've also been diagnosed by a neurologist consultant at the New Cross hospital in Wolverhampton, with 3 bulging discs in my neck. The consultant has referred me to see the chronic pain team at New Cross hospital in Wolverhampton. As of yet I've not had a appointment through. 

    I'm on Gabapentin 100mg tablets 3 times a day and Diazepam 5mg tablets 1 to be taken 3 times a day for the pain. I'm also on Tramadol 50mg tablets 1/2 to be taken 4 times a day, Naproxen 500mg tablets 1 to be taken twice a day, Omeprazole 20mg tablets 1 to be taken once a day. Also for the pain I've also 5% lidocaine medicated plasters to be applied once daily for the pain. I have Movelat gel to be applied for the pain as well. I also take Cetirizine Hydrochloride 10mg tablets one to be taken daily for hayfever. Valupak Multivitamin tablets one to be taken daily for Alopecia. I have both the blue and brown inhalers for my asthma. And a nasal spray. 

    I get the standard daily on personal independence payment and enhanced mobility on personal independence payment for my disability. 

    My employer has given me a ssp1 form stating that my entitlement to statutory sick pay ends on 31st December and has issued my p45. My gp has signed me off as long term sick. 

    I have commenced a claim for the new style employment and support allowance. I'm waiting for someone from the home visit team to contact within the next 2 weeks to arrange a home visit appointment, as I'm unable to leave the house without medical transport . I've completed the UC ESA1 form and the direct payment form.

    I've never heard of this benefit before or know the process. 

    Please can I have some advice on what happens next with my claim for the new style employment and support allowance? Also am I entitled to any other benefits or help?
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    We have lots of information on ESA and what benefits you may be entitled to, including a Benefits Calculator.

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  • poppy123456
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    New Style ESA pays £73.10 per week assessment rate. This rate is for 13 weeks. A first time claim usually takes about 3 weeks but your payments won't start until your SSP ends. Payments are every 2 weeks paid in arrears.

    At some point you'll be sent a work capability assessment form to fill in and complete, which must be returned by the dated stated on the letter, there's no extension of time for this form. Evidence will be needed to support your claim and should be sent with the form.

    ESA isn't about a diagnosis, it's about how those conditions affect your ability to to any type of work and this is what you'll be assessed on. A face to face assessment will most likely be needed once the work capability assessment form has been returned. Once the report from this has been returned to DWP then a decision will be made. The decision could be Limited capability for work (LCW), limited capability for work related activity (LCWRA) or fit for work. If it's LCWRA you'll be paid an extra amount of about £37 per week bringing your total Contributions based ESA to £110.75 per week. This extra is paid from the 14th week of your claim and will be back dated to this date, if the assessment process took longer.

    Any other benefits you can claim will depend on your circumstances and as no one here knows your full details then i'd advise a visit to your local CAB. A benefits calculator will be of no use to you here.

  • CarlyDunn
    CarlyDunn Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Thank you poppy123456. That is really helpful information. I'm arranging a home visit for my uc esa 1 form to collected. Is this where I speak with an adviser? What happens during the discussion. I've got my continuation sick note and letter from my gp stating I'm not fit for work. I've also got the letter from the neurologist consultant about my bulging discs in my neck and that I've been referred to the chronic pain team at New Cross hospital in Wolverhampton. Plus got a letter with the outpatient appointment with my surgeon who carried out the operation which is where the neuralgia pain is.

    Is the work capability assessment form like the one for personal independence payment claim? Can the work capability assessment be done at home as I'm in so much pain I can barely get out of bed majority of the days? Can my mum be present at the assessment?
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,463 Disability Gamechanger
    The ESA1 form is just a form to apply for the ESA. Once this is back with DWP payments can take 3 weeks. All you'll need at this point is your fit/sick note from your GP. You won't need any of the other evidence until you're sent the WCA form. Future/past appointment date letters are not classed as evidence.

    The WCA assessment is similar to the PIP one but the criteria is different for them both. The form you're sent is long, like the PIP one and you'll need to put as much information about how your conditions affect you as possible.

    ESA is about the work you can do and this is what they'll assess you on. Not the work you can't do. Yes your mum can be with you during the assessment, like PIP but you'll have to answer the questions yourself.
  • CarlyDunn
    CarlyDunn Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Hi poppy123456

    Thank you again for this information .

    Can the work capability  assessment be done at home? What evidence can I provide to go with the work capability assessment form? Do I need to put my gp's details on there? Will the dwp contact my gp during the assessment process?

    This first appointment that I'm having a home visit for, is that with a work advisor? What happens during this first meeting please?

    Can you get free prescriptions with the New Style Employment Support Allowance? Or do I need to claim something else to help with health costs?
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,463 Disability Gamechanger
    Home assessments are possible yes. Request it on the form but you may need a letter from your GP stating the reasons why. You can put your GPs details on the form but don't expect them to contact anyone for any evidence because it's rare they do this. The onus is on you to make sure you send evidence to support your claim.

    Evidence should state how your conditions affect you. Future appointment letters and leaflets are not classed as evidence.

    New style ESA doesn't entitle you to free prescriptions/dental etc. For this you can fill out the low income form, send it off and wait for a reply back. Don't claim and free prescriptions until this happens.

    The home appointment you have coming up will just be to hand in the form and very your identity.

    Here's some links for you..

  • CarlyDunn
    CarlyDunn Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Hi poppy123456

    I've requested a HC1 Help With Health Costs Form via the link you've attached for me.

    How many support group descriptors do I need to apply for the support group please?
  • poppy123456
    poppy123456 Member Posts: 28,463 Disability Gamechanger
    One descriptor needs to apply to be placed into the support group.
  • CarlyDunn
    CarlyDunn Member Posts: 6 Listener
    Hi poppy123456 

    Thank you for your information. 

    Kind regards Carly Dunn 


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