Lidocaine infusion

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I have reached a limit with medication options regarding my chronic pain and have now been offered lidocaine infusion which I am happy to try, however I know my tolerance for anaesthesia is high and I always require more when having any kind of procedures (due to my Ehlers danlos syndrome - connective tissue disorder). I am concerned that this will mean that the infusion will probably not be long lasting as suggested (up to 9 months) but advice is limited with the pain clinic as they is no written proof of why this happens in EDS patients. 

Being a a different medication and procedure I am unsure of what to expect and how good the success rates are of these infusions, could you please shed some light on this for me??

Has anyone had this??

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    My daughter has EDS, she suffers terrible with chronic pain. I’ve nevet heard of lidocaine infusion. I’d be interested to learn a bit more about it too! X
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    Hi I have scoliosis, Arnold Chiari Malformation & Functional neurological disorder. I had a course of lidocaine patches last year and they had very little effect. I have been on Fentanyl patches which I change every three days and Fentanyl lozenges for the break through pain. These have been the most effective medication I have ever had, but now am being told that I will have to stop them and keep getting different stories, one is they are not good for me long term and secondly which seems more the likely is the very high cost of them. 
    This has all come about since the change in opiate  usage law in the USA, which seems to have followed on here.
    Hopefullyyou will get something that works for you soon, but in the mean time take care and look after yourself.