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In my community in Oldham lack of dropped curbs in Chadderton, the few that are legal are only in or just off Middleton Road & most of them are on the actual junction not 10 meters away like they are supposed to be, the rest are illegal or in state of repair & very dangerous to people using prams, wheelchair users, people with walking difficulties & sensory impaired people.

What is illegal dropped curb? Illegal dropped curbs are the ones that are on or too near the junction they are supposed to be at least 10 meters from the junction.
Also if the pink bubbled effect is not there that is illegal as for the sensory impaired people.
Dropped curbs should be 1200mm wide with 1:12 max gradient.

Also, why is no council official enforcing the law regarding public access to all buildings open to the public & accessible facilities in all public services such as dentists, shops, restaurants, public houses, etc for people with prams, wheelchair users, people with walking difficulties & sensory impairment?

I tried contacting all local & national media & no one besides InYourArea,Chadd
I have also set up Oldham Access Forum Link:
which deals with such issues as well as access to buildings open to the public that legally are required to be accessible to prams, wheelchairs, people with walking difficulties & sensory impaired people, these include public shops, cafés, restaurants & public houses, etc.

Anyone, can you suggest what myself & the groups & forums I have set up in my community, please?
Thanks, disabledkenny.



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