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Bathroom ,,

dinnadinna Member Posts: 1 Listener
I’m disabled but have been turned down for a disability grant for a bathroom refit, they will give me a wet room but this is not what I need , I explained that I need a bath as this is the only time I’m out of pain while in deep hot water, we’re esle can I get help with a grant to get me my bathroom 


  • newbornnewborn Member Posts: 713 Pioneering
    People are (over)paid to be 'expert'.  They believe, or prefer to believe, that they know all about disabled people's  needs.  There is a tick box.  

    Meanwhile, many, many disabilities involve pain which is eased in hot water.  But it wouldn't  matter if a million disabled people told the 'experts' the truth.  Crips. should have showers. The tick box says so.

    (Hands up everyone who has been forced to have a  useless 'perching stool' ?)
  • DoriFishDoriFish Member Posts: 45 Courageous
    I had to save, borrow & ask favors to get my bathroom fitted to suit my needs
    Because in my house they could not fit a sloping floor wet room & would only fit an over the bath shower
    So they in their wisdom thought it's better to have to clamber over the sides of a bath rather than take a little step into a shower cubicle
    Totally ridiculous!

    Now I'm needing a downstairs toilet 
    The think it's acceptable to put a toilet right beside my table in my dinning room 
    I ask if they would like to be eating & someone going to the toilet beside them
    Of course the declined to answer!
    Where is are dignity?
    We are not allowed one!!
  • MisscleoMisscleo Member Posts: 646 Pioneering
    Seen all this before. These people who tick boxs are a bloody pest.
    I too am only out of pain in.my bath of hot water.
    The QE hospital have many box tickers". One said "why do you WANT a walking  stick" i natually said "dont WANT a walking stick i dont want several forms of arthritis either" 
    Cant imagine whats in the head of the person who wants to put your toilet next to.your table???
    Whats the answer to "box tickers"
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