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Housing association and mobility scooter storage complaint

Angiebabes2410 Member Posts: 70 Courageous
I was having an issue with my housing association with regards to my mobility scooter in the communal hallway where it has been for the last 3 years without incident however they put a sticker on it saying that if it was left in the communal hallway after the 17th of September they would remove it without further notice and destroy it.

I had no choice but to bring the scooter into my very small one bedroom flat I have requested permission to erect a shed as advised however after about 4 months my housing association have rejected my request to erect a shed saying that there is not enough room on my site this is part of the last email they have sent me but also they sent an attachment with the email stating that I have to ask their permission to keep my mobility scooter in my flat also

Thank you for your email.


Our policy would be that permission needs to be sought for the shed initially. Your housing association holds the right to refuse this permission if it is not in the best interest of other tenants and could cause an obstruction.

 It would be expected that with the correct insurance in place tenants are to store their scooter within their property as long as this is not causing an obstruction. If it was believed this was also causing obstruction we would refuse this permission also.

 I have attached our policy for your to review but on this occasion we would not uphold a complaint.



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