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CCG funding issues and power of attorney

jlojlo Member Posts: 13 Connected
edited January 2019 in Disabled people
I was just wondering if anyone else has had issues with the CCG/CHC requards funding?
because I have no power of attorney as my daughter has no mental capacity, I her mum is being ignored & discussion made behind our backs.
Am I alone? or is anyone in same boat?
can they do this?


  • JCCJCC Member Posts: 32 Connected

    This is always a difficult situation as I assume your daughter is an adult.  I doubt very much that you are alone in feeling left out of decision making.
    May I suggest you contact CAB - you may have already done this - and have a chat with them about your concerns they may well be able to give you some advice.  All the best

  • jlojlo Member Posts: 13 Connected
    Yes I have spoke to the CAB they can't get involved, local councillors can't, social services can't, can't get a solicitor as she's fully funded by health, the CCG-CHC know this & can do as they please they seem untouchable. You should see how they treat my daughter & me it awful. I know there are more people out there than us being treat the same that's why something should be done to put a stop to it.
    I can only give you my opinion as to our experience in my eyes they know who they can  victimize  but il stand up for my daughter till the day I die I always have, she's my life & in love her very much.
  • JCCJCC Member Posts: 32 Connected
    I am so sorry that you are finding your experiences so difficult. 
  • Pippa_AlumniPippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,851 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @jlo, I'm sorry to hear this. It must be quite a distressing experience for you and your daughter, and it must have been frustrating to find out that your local services couldn't help.

    As we're not best equipped to handle this type of query here on the community, I wonder whether you've considered contacting PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service)?

    How do I contact my nearest PALS?

    You can find your nearest PALS office on the NHS website.  

    You can also ask your GP surgery, hospital or phone NHS 111 for details of your nearest PALS.
  • jlojlo Member Posts: 13 Connected
    Hi Pipper
    thank you for your concern I've been through pals to, no joy, yet again I'm afraid there in untouchable.
    I'm afraid if your fully funded by health you have no longer a say it disgusting & I'm sure at some point it will be common news.
  • wilkowilko Member Posts: 2,289 Disability Gamechanger
    This where family members have to be proactive in sorting out the legal problem for their love ones regarding their abilities in making financial, health care and housing decisions now and in the future, their are several power of attorney that can put into or set up for different situations Age concern do a booklet exsplaining all the information. The only problem we all have is convincing our elderly parents who want to remain independent what could or may happen if it is all put in to the hands of the local authorities who then become untouchable and you the family members have no say or input into the day to day care or decision making regarding their health care, houseing or financial affairs so be warned as the poster jol, as been kind to share with us.
  • JCCJCC Member Posts: 32 Connected
    The problem with the old Enduring Power Of Attorney ( to 2007) is that it is of no use once a person has lost mental capacity as they are unregistered.  The holder must refer then to the Court of Protection.

    The newer LPA, Lasting Power Of Attorney post 2007 has been registered but was still set up when the person was still considered to have mental capacity.

    If a person is deemed not to have mental capacity and none of the other orders noted above are in place then the only option is a Court of Protection Order.  There are 2 types, Financial and Health and Well-being.

    If you search for Office of the Public Guardian online there is much more detailed and useful information to be had.  

  • jlojlo Member Posts: 13 Connected
    They are rude to me & I myself have health needs they have cut back my daughters care. the care company has been informed that if you run out of time leave your mess her mum can clean it up, don't pack her bag no more, do not change her bed, they have contacted her doctors & insisted they medicate her, tried taking her dignity away, stop her 2-2-1 support, expected me to take my daughter to a respite home & drop her off & just leave even though she had never been before. she was so upset so I wouldn't leave her so the well established home won't let her go again yet blame me even thou the senior staff member was rude to me in front of support staff & my daughter. then health said they can hand pick who they want as many people need a place???  please people if you can get a power of attorney get it as the CCG will bully you & shut you out of your loved ones life 
  • jlojlo Member Posts: 13 Connected
    I've done it I can't get one as she has no mental capacity & can't get depertyship either as the judge always rules in favour if health care professionals, only two cases have ever been passed. shocking as some health care professionals get it wrong they might have a degree but some have no common sence sorry if that seems harse but they follow guide lines to protect themselves & person centered planning goes out the window, as I have proved over the years. frustrating & heart breaking facts I'm afraid.
  • SteveESteveE Member Posts: 52 Courageous
    "They" trade on your enduring, unbreakable love for your daughter and "they" treat you as an unpaid scivvy, home provider and fund-provider. Whoever set up these new systems needs to be kicked out. You are a great mum and your daughter is blessed to have you in her life. You two are a great team. Keep going and never give in.
  • jlojlo Member Posts: 13 Connected
    you have just hit the nail on the head so to speak steve, thank you so much for your kind words. Nothing good is ever said about us carers/parents only that where a pain if we stand up & fight for our loved ones.
    Going to keep fighting & now sharing hopefully someone will have an answer or by sharing someone can learn from me :)
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