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Mobility Scooters

Hi everyone,
My mum suggested to me and my fiance to buy a mobility scooter for me as I cannot walk long distances anymore due to my asthma and problems with walking due to twisting my left knee whilst out for a walk with my brother and brother-in-law (they hadn't been together long at the time) as I had gone over on my left ankle and I thought I had just twinged my foot, but come the following Monday I could hardly walk as my left knee was really really painful, so I went to the doctors and managed to get an appointment the same day as the receptionist could see that I was in a lot of pain, so she managed to squeeze me in with a lady doctor, who told me that I had twisted my left knee and that I would have problems with it for either a few months or for years after, but it has been getting steadily worse and more difficult to walk even though I am currently using my walking stick to get around when I have to walk any further than my local Morrisons, which is only about a ten minute walk from where me n my fiance live.
I have also been having problems walking as I keep getting pain in my left foot as I broke my little toe when walking to the job center in my hometown with my dad as my foot starts hurting when I ha e done too much walking.
I was wondering if anyone knows the best places to look for second hand mobility scooters as myself and my fiance cannot afford to buy a brand new one as they are too expensive for us to buy. Plus I have been refused PIP before as I applied for it for my depression and they said that I didn't score enough points even though I had taken my tablets with me. My fiance even told them what I'm like when I have run out of tablets or when I forget to take them, but the person we saw wouldn't listen to either of us. The annoying thing that the woman did was trying to trick us by rephrasing her questions, but my fiance worked out what she was trying to do.


  • wilkowilko Member Posts: 2,352 Disability Gamechanger
    Hello and welcome, having a need for a mobility scooter, my first purchase was a new one off eBay then bought a boot model which I still have all before I was awarded PIP. So 18 months on I bought a second hand Kymco Maxer with the best ground clearance and was great off road  but as my condition has worse changed it for an easier lighter steering model still off road. The company I used, can be contacted on 08006681170. Wonderful service good site and prices. 
  • Sophiesmum2002Sophiesmum2002 Member Posts: 21 Listener
    Do you know the website address wilko?
  • wilkowilko Member Posts: 2,352 Disability Gamechanger
    Yes MOBILITY Giant, have a look what they have, bear in mind the type of terrain you are or want to travel on or over the ability to get it in and around your garden and charging it have you got an outside charging point shed to store or like me store outside under a waterproof cover .will it fit through your gates have you got acess to the rear of your property for safe secure storage, if it a road legal model it will need to be registered with the DVLA all paperwork is sent with your scooter should you wish to keep it no charge, Insurance is optional but recommend about £75 with break down cover bring you home not repairs. Includes puncture repair. Scooters come with new batteries. 
  • Sophiesmum2002Sophiesmum2002 Member Posts: 21 Listener
    Ty wilko. If and when I get one, it's going to be kept in our flat as it's safer than it being outdoors. Plus all of our sockets are indoors as we live in a ground floor flat, but there's a couple of steps the lead in and out of the two storey block of flats we live in, so my fiance is going to talk to our housing officer about it and see if there's anything that can be done to the outside steps so that it's easier for me to get in n out of the building.
  • wilkowilko Member Posts: 2,352 Disability Gamechanger
    Be better and safer to keep inside if you can, if and when you get one your life will be improved, being able to go to visit people out with n the fresh air far better than being stuck in front of the box watching repeat TV. Go for it.
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