Universal Credit
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g7iqjg7iqj Member Posts: 33 Connected
edited January 2019 in Universal Credit
Hello iam adrian  age 55 SINGLE  but joint sochial housing teanant .  Like lot people already paid 38 yrs tax @ ni . i have @ LWR  back diasbility  due to 2 industrial accidents  1986/1998 to  10%   industrial injury awarded .  

 ITs degenerative  as sujjestted by my  orthopedic  surgeons report   @ point now  mobilty moving is issue   walking more 20 meteres  1 go with out stopping/ stop every 20 meteres so   standing in ques  in shops up to no more than 5 min in 1 go without having to sit purch down .  I HAVE applied for PIP MOBILTY  , However  ATOS report  like lot of others was  FLAWED    gone to MR   re look it from 3 feb to  17 march 6 weeks .   

Work wise  i can work wish to work, however ICANT  do heavy awkward lifting /  handball or manual handling .  I work for AGENTCY  last 2 yrs  as DRIVER  on  ZERO   0 HOUR CONTRACT .   AS jan/ feb quite mouths  only offerede AD HOC 1 - 2 days week or odd week nothing .  Work will pick up  march - dec  10 mouths  gen ok  .  APPLYED UC   what eye  opener  had my first meet with  my employntment coach  young man 38-42 ish . I explained i only need  help few weeks to march when work picks  up . 

 YOu get riot act  you will spend up to 35 hours week in jobsearch, work based activitys  as well do any WORK  the AGY offers as part 35 hours .  You will apply search for any work from min wage £7.38 . YOU will except  anywork  offered, or take 2 more part time jobs to make ur hours up .  

 Because this emp coach , his dad  works on the tills @ supermarket  he sujjested  i look apply for that type work  give up driving .  attitude seems to be disability  should not stop u working or use it @ excuse not to work. .. i left there  with list of things todo  over next 2 weeks  ie register with  least another 3- 4 agentcys  although they all chase same work  apply for cashier jobs etc.   2 job reveiw on my pay day 8 feb  not looking forward to  this exp .. 

Theses employnment   coaches  boarder line  harrassing  if discrmiitive  under 2010 equality act  push you in to ANYJOB no regards for  you or ur DIsABILTY  i found whole exp    stressfull makes you depressed axnious   its  FLAWED  system   . After all only asking for help for few weeks  till work picks up  WE payed in for theses benefits  TORY CONSERVATIVE GOVRNT  dont look it like that .

 Why do you have to keep going to job centre  every 2 weeks job reveiw ????   ALL done on line  your coaches see excatly what you doing when ur working   UC does not help support people  with disabiltys  just hounds  harasstment   humiliates them  . with diabilty @ age 55  you dont want all this stress in ur life .  GLAD when i get 3 days 30 hours  back   HAPPLY SIGN OFF  UC WEATHER MY COACH / DWP LIKE IT OR NOT .   


  • Sam_ScopeSam_Scope Member Posts: 7,732 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @g7iqj
    It sounds like you have had a tough time and very frustrating :(
    Senior online community officer
  • g7iqjg7iqj Member Posts: 33 Connected
    just do ur best do as ur ask  pointless applying for jobs  u cant do capable off .  still dont see why you have to in my case do 12 mile  round journey 1 fortnight  when all your record on  the web via journal   UC just makes life hard  obstructive .

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