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Pain, muscle tightness, and loss of confidence

littlemissinnocent Member Posts: 13 Connected
Hi all, 
Not sure if I am posting this in the right place, so apologies if not. I am hoping for some advice. I have cerebral palsy, and arthritis. I had a bit of a fall on Christmas Day, I wasn’t hurt, but have since been feeling very stiff, and very achy, and I feel like walking is harder. Has anyone experienced similar, I’m wondering if it’s because the weather has got colder, as I am affected by the cold weather, or whether it might be a confidence issue, or something else, as it was a little while ago that I fell. Any thoughts and advice would be appreciated.


  • martins
    martins Member Posts: 30 Connected
    It could be a few things confidence and the cold weather doesn't help. You need to remember everyone falls (disabled or not) it will get better 
  • arichmond
    arichmond Member Posts: 14 Connected
    Hi @littlemissinnocent I'm sorry to hear about your fall, and also how you feel it has affected you. I have mild cerebral palsy and Mlmy muscles are definitely affected by the cold weather and get tighter and I really feel unsteady in the snow and ice, but if you feel like things aren't getting better in the next few weeks, maybe speak to your GP for their opinion or if they know of ways to help. I hope this helps! 


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