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Help completing the PIP Review Form

sheZZa Member Posts: 244 Pioneering
At the beginning of January a lady came to my house to help me fill in my PIP review Form as I was finding it very difficult to complete by myself. I’d tried and made a right mess if it. My mood had dipped severely low, so much so that I am now under mental health services again, I suffer with depression and Bi Polar and a few other chronic medical ailments. The lady just copied from the form I’d already completed but thought was wrong, and before she  left I signed and dated the form without reading it. She never read it back to me either. I’ve been beating myself up ever since for being so stupid. It’s constantly on my mind and am very stressed and very worried. I phoned the DWP and asked for them to send me a copy of the form and at the same time I also informed them that I hadn’t read it and it hadn’t been read back to me. Today I received a copy of the review form that she had completed and am quite surprised. She has copied what I had written only worded it better. She has also omitted a few things I’d written but maybe I shouldn’t have included anyway. But I do feel a little more settled now. I saw my gp last week and we had discussed this situation. She said that I lacked mental capacity to sign anything. I saw her again today and she brought up the subject of the PIP Review again and she said I’m ‘not to worry as I’m not fit for work and she/they would fight for me if needed.’ By that I’m assuming she meant herself and my consultants and psychiatrist. She seemed quite cross about the situation with the DWP. I do feel reassured by her and am starting to relax a little. I am now, once again, attending a bi polar support group so hopefully onwards and upwards and I will soon be mentally stronger to fight the good fight if I have to. 


  • JCC
    JCC Member Posts: 38 Courageous
    Hello SheZZa, PIP forms are exhausting to complete for so many people. It is good news that the help you have received has made you feel less anxious than you were.  Onward and upwards indeed. 


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