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Support worker needed to attend meeting

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Hi, I am a woman who receives Disability Living Allowance and have recently filled in the forms for PIP. From what I gather a face to face interview is likely once the form is processed. As I have a carer that is employed privately, and not from an agency, she can only do certain times of the day, and will not be able to attend a meeting for this assessment. I have no friends to attend with me. 
I have tried care agencies and they are not interested unless I have a contract with them for a carer from them. I have tried MIND (my disabilities are both mental and physical) and they put me onto an advocacy service - which has not got back to me yet, after 4 days. I do not really need an advocate anyway, but just someone who works or has worked as a carer and could accompany me. How and where could I advertise for such a person with references for maybe a morning or afternoon when this assessment may happen? I live in East London. Thank you. Any advice would be helpful.


  • Yadnad
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    Not too sure why you want a carer specifically. If you do want someone to go with you it could be a family member or an advocate. They will only be there to make you feel comfortable and cannot get involved in the assessment
  • thespiceman
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    Hello @RBB Thank you for your post. I understand what you are saying. The problem is getting some one to attend with you.

    Please can I ask what is the problem with an advocate.  A advocate is some one who represents you.  Speaks on behalf of your at any assessment.

    What you wish to say at the assessment.

    Your want a carer would not a advocate be a sensible choice. The big issues are in my opinion is finding some one to accompany you to the assessment.

    I did do a post last year on the unavailability and lack of support in the PIP assessments. Finding the main issues are regional. Live in that area will possibly supply some one to assist you.

    Might be eligible and fit the criteria then we might help.

    Been in touch with one charity even offered a donation and costs of carparking to some one to attend. Denied because did not live in that area. Only down the road from me but not in the desired Postcode.

    That is the big issues here. Welfare and others like CAB too busy to help and support. Will do forms and everything else.  Asked about attending assessments said to me do not do.

    One major concern I have for you if you advertise are sure they are going to help you with out some sort of financial incentive.  Could cost a lot.  For one day.

    Had my friend eventually attend. After one time my support worker insisted asking not only for fuel money but car parking charges as well.

    Had to sign a document and set up a standing order.  With the charity concerned.

    Something to consider.

    Ii understand the issues and hope you can find some one. Even a neighbour could be useful.

    Wish you success in your assessment.

    Take care.

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  • RBB
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    Hello Yadnad and thespiceman, thank you for responding. I do not have a family member or friend that could attend with me. I do not know my neigbours. It really does mean someone I employ, I think. I don't really need advocacy unless I am in crisis or physically completely unable to communicate (which does happen) and then I could not attend. 

    I just had the Advocacy Project phone me after 4 days. They are so busy, and cannot help me anyway as I do not live in the borough they cover. I am just over the border.

    I am sorry that you have had problems with finding someone to support you too, thespiceman. 

    Thank you both again.

  • Pippa_Alumni
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    Hi @RBB, although they're not carers, Advicelocal could be worth looking into to see if there's any support available near you?
  • RBB
    RBB Member Posts: 3 Listener
    Thank you, Pippa, appreciate. Will look up. 


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