Dealing with chronic pain
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Fibromyalgia or fibrositis?

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Hello, I hope everyone's doing ok.

I just have a quick question.

Is "fibrositis" coding still used for Fibromyalgia? I've noticed that the previous GP that diagnosed me in 2014 with FM had put fibrositis unspecified, the medical centre I'm with atm is trying to tell me it's ok but it's not what other people and information on the internet are saying (the bit of info I've managed to find). Fibrositis is an inflammation of the connective tissues/muscles but we don't get swelling with FM, on the net, it says it was a term used years ago before someone called it fibromyalgia and that it's a misnomer.

Does it even matter if it does say fibrositis rather than fibromyalgia?


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    Interesting question @WF2k, I hadn't even heard of the phrase fibrositis until you mentioned it. It doesn't seem to be mentioned on any of the leading UK fibromyalgia charity websites (as far as I can see) but it'll be interesting to hear others' thoughts.
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    I was diagnosed with FM more than 7 years ago and i've never heard it being called fibrositis.
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    @Pippa_Scope @poppy123456 The assistant practice manager is trying to tell me it's called that as well as FM, so I'm responding to her letter and trying to explain what I've said in my original post. I'm also trying to get info to send to her as well in regards to it. Before one of the GP's left the medical centre I spoke to her about FM and being referred, she declined and went with my previous GP's diagnoses and said she would update the coding for it correctly but never did, when I mentioned this to the medical centre the APM tried to tell me it's also known as "fibrositis" and wasn't sure what I wanted changing. In saying that she said a lot of stuff she didn't need to and addressed things I never asked about. I'm currently thinking about moving to a different medical centre but I'm worried because I have impending PIP and ESA assessments.

    This is one sites I found but I don't think I can show her this because it's someone answering someone else's question?

    Also when you search for fibrositis, you get the following page, so it's all a bit confusing.

    PALS suggested I ask NHS England but they've not responded.
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    I wonder if it could be worth contacting one of the fibromyalgia charities directly and seeing what their take is on it, @WF2k?
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    @Pippa_Scope I tried FMAUK, they didn't know and suggested I tried PALS, I tried PALS and they didn't know and suggested I try NHS England, I'm still waiting for them to respond, so I'm a bit stuck. I tried another one (can't remember the name) and they didn't know either.
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    Oh how frustrating @WF2k, it sounds like you've been doing the rounds!

    My only other suggestion would perhaps be specific fibromyalgia support groups on social media. I'm glad you've had at least some input from our community members too!
  • djbantiquesdjbantiques Member Posts: 43 Connected
    My wife was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 17 years ago.
    Her GP at the time, very old school, used the term fibrositis when first referring her to a rheumatologist.
    I think everyone apart from him has always said fibromyalgia.
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    Thank you @djbantiques

    Yeah, I'm currently trying that as well @Pippa_Scope thank you :)
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