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shell11 Member Posts: 4 Listener
I have joined in the hope of getting some advice .. for about 2 years I have  been under the hospital with suspected arthritis then it was ankilosing spondylitis. A further mri showed I have minimal wear and tear lower spine . My last visit to my consultant was December when he said it’s possible I have fybromyalgia he gave me a leaflet and sent me packing for physio and s prescription for amatryptaline( I think that’s how it’s spelt ) . But over a month in I haven’t felt any benefits from it and have not moved out of bed all weekend ( apart from to struggle to the loo) . My whole body feels likes it’s been crushed but my lower back and right arm feels worse . Could I get something stronger for the pain ( I don’t like taking meds ) but I can’t carry on as I am it’s not fair on my children  when I get pained like this


  • jonny1
    jonny1 Member Posts: 15 Listener
    Hello it’s best to ask your gp everyone is different with what medication they need and how it’s effects them I’m on amitriptalyne for nerve pain but have had pregablin and gabapentin which I believe are stronger but didn’t agree with me so maybe your best advice is your gp 
  • Tarpuk4
    Tarpuk4 Member Posts: 34 Connected
    I have fibromyalgia and I take Marol which is a soow release tramadol, and I also yakt duloxetine and pregabalin . 
    I'm also under the pain clinic and I have an infusion of ligocnocade every 4 months. 
    Go and see your GP and ask to review medication and if he can refer you to the pain management team.
    Thr rhumatologist diagnosed my fibromyalgia.
    I have previously had operation on my lower back. I have been left with a numb left leg and dropped foot. I now have to use a walking stick. I also find epsom salt baths are lovely for giving some relief to the pain for a few hours. Good luck and I hope you can get your pain sorted so it's more bearable for you xx
  • shell11
    shell11 Member Posts: 4 Listener
    Thank you for your advice and yeah it was my rheumatologist who has now queried fybro x
  • Pippa_Alumni
    Pippa_Alumni Scope alumni Posts: 5,793 Disability Gamechanger
    Hi @shell11, and a warm welcome to the community. Great to have you here!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your pain, that must be tough. It's important to remember that medication affects everybody differently so rather than seek advice here, I would strongly recommend talking to your GP and explaining what you've explained here. Hopefully they'll then be able to find something more suitable for you. It may also be worth considering a pain clinic referral.

    Best of luck, and I hope today's as kind as possible to you!
  • shell11
    shell11 Member Posts: 4 Listener
    Thank you for your response I have an appointment with my gp at 3 so fingers crossed he can give me something else x


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